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  1. Say a customer completed their purchase then realised they wanted to add another product or change quantities. I have Order Editor installed to allow for this. But I also need to charge customer's CC or Paypal account for extra products. Does Website Payments Standard allow for this?
  2. I had this contribution installed for a while and it worked great. Until today when I noticed that the sort pull down box is showing 'Product NameALPHA_ORDER', 'ProductNUM_ORDER', etc. I did install a few other contributions recently but can't tell which one could do this. Can someone shed any light? Any help greatly appreciated. www.partylanes.co.uk Kat !!!!!!! Just went back to look again and it's all back to normal! Great - how can this be? Do I have to check the box every now and then to make sure it's still working?
  3. Hi, I posted this question earlier and haven't been able to fix this yet. Any input please? Here's my site: www.partylanes.co.uk Thanks in advance, Kat
  4. I installed this contribution a couple of weeks ago and it seems to work perfectly. However I now have all my categories and products in the non www. form, e.g. homepage - http://www.mysite.com, product - http://mysite.com/product. Google indexing is gone pear-shaped so I need to 301 all non www. urls to www. format. But if I add mod_rewrites to .htaccess it creates a redirection loop! I am guessing it is something to do with contribution's redirects conflict? I am not technical enough to see where this conflict is - can anyone shed some light? Many thanks, Kat