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  1. i try to install mvs to a clean oscommerce the shop is on xampp apache 2.4.3 and php5.4.7 but only get a lot of faults when i try to install this. Where can i find the latest install for this or is it all a little buggy for this version?


    I have made most of the translation to Dutch so if this version is on the add page i can add it.



  2. Hello,


    Anyone has a solution for this problem?



    I have a new issue when sending emails.

    The "reply to" recipient is wrong. To my customers showed like spam from extrange or new recipient.

    It displays:

    from Administrator [ myweb @ s15400000.onlinehome-server.info ]


    and should be:

    from Administrator [ info @ myweb.com ]


    The web is allocated in a 1&1 domain server.





    $messageId = "Message-Id: <" . time() . "@" . $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . ">";
    // define('SERVERNAME', 'myweb.com');	
    // $messageId = "Message-Id: <" . time() . "@" . SERVER_NAME . ">";
    // $messageId = "Message-Id: <" . time() . "@myweb.com>";
    // $messageId = ' . STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS . ';	
     $mimemessage = new email(array('X-Mailer: osCommerce bulk mailer', $messageId));
     // $mimemessage = new email(array('X-Mailer: osCommerce'));
    // $mimemessage->add_text($this->content);
    // $text = $this->text_content();
     $mimemessage->add_html($this->html_content(), $this->text_content(), HTTP_CATALOG_SERVER . DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES);
     while ($mail = tep_db_fetch_array($mail_query)) {
     //$mimemessage->send($mail['customers_firstname'] . ' ' . $mail['customers_lastname'], $mail['customers_email_address'], '', EMAIL_FROM, $this->title);
     $mimemessage->send($mail['customers_firstname'] . ' ' . $mail['customers_lastname'], $mail['customers_email_address'], STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS, STORE_OWNER, $this->title);

    Dont bother if it could change to no-reply @ myweb.com

  3. Hi, I have installed the add-ons: PDF_Customer_Invoice_Admin but when I when i click a customers invoice from the admin I just get an empty pdf invoice. Its like the invoice info (price etc.) is not "printet" to the invoice from the database. Some one know why?


    Same problem here, no text but the packingslip is working well. Is there any sollution?