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  1. eltesoro

    [Contribution] phpBB-osCommerce Bridge

    hi! @Gabriel: thnx for your answer - no problem! I can understand you! for all: I've tried a little bit to debug the contribution and phpbb... as a result i got it working by disabling the following line in phpbb/sessions.php line: 261 //$SID = 'sid=' . $session_id; I don't know really why and do not have time to analyze the hole forum code but it seems to work. Cheers, michael
  2. eltesoro

    [Contribution] phpBB-osCommerce Bridge

    Hi! I've installed the bridge and it seems everything is working except one: Wenn I add all the changes to the catalog/login.php I will not be logged in into oscommerce. I've figured out that the problem ist the following line: session_begin($customer_id, encode_ip(tep_get_ip_address()), PAGE_INDEX, FALSE, $autologin, $admin); When i commented it out i can login to oscommerce but not to the phpbb. (Wenn not commented out, i CAN'T login oscommerce, BUT I'm logged in into the forum) Can anybody help me solving this problem? I did a lot of research in google and the forum here but i can't find anything.... Thnx a lot! Cheers, Michael