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  1. Just installed this contribution and everything works except for one thing. The main reason I wanted to use this was to allow only sales within the US but while testing with a european address, I get no shipping and allows the customer to proceed with the checkout (no shipping charges!). Is there any way to code this mod where it compares the customers zone with that of the shipping module and if not the same it won't allow a checkout...
  2. TulsaTurbo

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I am currently using version 3.0.2 and have the problem where my international customers are having to use GLOBAL EXPRESS because it will not let them select the other usps shipping options. Is there a fix to this or has this been resolved with the newer versions available for this contribution? I really need an answer to this real soon or I will lose my international customer base...
  3. I've noticed that the ( /mobile/password_forgotten.php ) file is missing... Is there going to be one inserted into a future update of this mod?
  4. TulsaTurbo

    Paypal displaying store name in product description.

    Great! I'll have to check it out... Is this the right link for the one you're talking about? http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2679/v,22
  5. TulsaTurbo

    Paypal displaying store name in product description.

    I think the problem lies in the code shown below. I'm using the paypal_standard module that comes with oscommerce. Notice this line: 'item_name' => STORE_NAME, $parameters = array('cmd' => '_xclick', 'item_name' => STORE_NAME, 'shipping' => $this->format_raw($order->info['shipping_cost']), 'tax' => $this->format_raw($order->info['tax']), 'business' => MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_STANDARD_ID, 'amount' => $this->format_raw($order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost'] - $order->info['tax']), 'currency_code' => $currency, 'invoice' => substr($cart_PayPal_Standard_ID, strpos($cart_PayPal_Standard_ID, '-')+1), 'custom' => $customer_id, 'no_note' => '1', 'notify_url' => tep_href_link('ext/modules/payment/paypal/standard_ipn.php', '', 'SSL', false, false), 'return' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, '', 'SSL'), 'cancel_return' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, '', 'SSL'), 'bn' => 'osCommerce22_Default_ST', 'paymentaction' => ((MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_STANDARD_TRANSACTION_METHOD == 'Sale') ? 'sale' : 'authorization'));
  6. TulsaTurbo

    Paypal displaying store name in product description.

    I have to disagree. Running a standard paypal cart with IPN, you would have your order info at the paypal website as well as your server database if so configured with IPN. With OSCommerce, only the stores name is stored at paypal as the order rather than the actual contents of the order. I now have to return to my online shop to see what the order is. Having the order info available to me at my paypal account assures me of having a backup of the orders made. Just last month, my host lost all my database info. Luckily I had a 2 day old backup prior to this event but of course all the orders made after this backup were lost and although they were processed on paypal I had now way of knowing what the orders consisted of because all it shows is my shops name... Can you see the problem with this now? I don't understand how this question has not come up before.... :unsure:
  7. TulsaTurbo

    Paypal displaying store name in product description.

    Yes, please... I would like an answer to this question as well.
  8. TulsaTurbo

    [CONTRIBUTION] CoolIris for osCommerce v0.1

    Hi, Cooliris is working great! The only thing is that when I click on the "Show the Cooliris slideshow" link, the page reloads turning on cooliris but now I get the following java error with internet explorer. No problems with Mozilla FireFox... Error on page Line: 1 Char: 122 Error: 'null' is null or not an object Code: 0 URL: http://www.needfulthings.net/jai/catalog/index.php