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  1. nextgen

    Thin Blue Template

    Please close this topic, i went into the knowledge base and found all the permission settings and all images are working fine now. As usual it was user error and i am usually the user making the errors.
  2. nextgen

    Thin Blue Template

    Yes sir, i have checked twice and just in case they were corrupt i deleted them and re-uploaded to the server again. If they worked locally could it be a permissions thing on the live server ?
  3. Wow i am having the same issue as a bunch of other folks. Did the missing background images get solved yet ? My installation is in the root of the site. The server is running PHP5 Everything was fine when i did a fresh install locally. So when i did a new install on the live server the problem showed up which has me thinking it is a permissions error but i am not sure. Heres the properties of the missing images. product_thumb.php?img=images/table_background_products_new.gif&w=56&h=40
  4. nextgen

    Thin Blue Template

    I am running the thin blue theme and in a few categories the table_background images wont display. Below you will find one of the missing images properties when i right click on the area. http://www.yoursite.com/product_thumb.php?img=images/table_background_specials.gif&w=56&h=40 Any help would be great friends.