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    I have been using your code since December and all has been working fine except for the occasional IPN record with no order. I thought maybe this update would help with that. I did get debug records and all look good. I can send them to you if you like or post them here?
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    I have installed the latest update and now I get the order in the orders database with the "awaiting payment" status but no IPN record ever shows up? ANy clues where I should look to resolve this one?
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    Has anyone else been having problems with this contrib? I have been using it since it came out without a problem one. After the PayPal change I have been having blank orders, duplications, and orders not being completed like before adding the contribution. Does anyone know what's going on? the only thing that has chnged is what ever PayPal changed on their end. Any help would be great! Thanks! Jeff
  4. Has anyone else had any problems after the Paypal change in IPN code. I have been iusing the contrib since it came out flawlessly and now I get blank orders and duplicates and other oddities happening. I will keep looking at the problems and see if I can pinpoint what is going on. But was just wondering if any one else is having problems! Thanks~ Jeff
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    Sorry to bring up the mc_gross not matching the cart total thing again, but I have installed the coupon and gift voucher contributon and that too causes problems. Since the discounted amount is sent to paypal and the cart total is before discount then the two don't match. I commented out the verification for now since I have yet to have paypal get the wrong amount from my store front. The other problem is that the order total file has the discount added in instead of deducted because of the snippit from the checkout_process.php that is in cart.php. It doesn't include the code from the coupon contribution. I am trying to add it now to see if I can get the two contributions to work together. If anyone has this working I would appreciate some help... Thanks! Jeff