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  1. success using this module: Authorize.net AIM module godaddy shared hosting account with SSL. i beat my head against the wall for a week on this one and found out the problem, a very simple one which either wasn't in this module's documentation, or i missed it. not interested in searching through it either, but here's what was happening: i'd fill out CC info, go to checkout_confirmation.php, submit, and go back to checkout_payment.php with generic error message in URL, but nothing on the page to suggest an error. endless loop, no messages, horribly frustrating. answer? clear out any receipt urls & response urls in your authent acct first. then i found that this module explodes the CC response on the pipe (|) character - this was the catch. if there'd been a mention of that, then i'd quickly have gone to my authnet account under "direct response", and set it to "delimit = yes, character = pipe, encapsulate=none", which resulted in success. this really should be mentioned in the installation doc for this module, and that's the thing that i'm mostly annoyed about. additionally, this module doesn't provide an error that meshes with OSC's native error object handling. some other folks with problems, this one not being their problem of course, might want to try to intercept the payment script and have it echo the transaction response and die. that was how i was able to track this problem. look for some code like: $response = curl_exec($ch); curl_close ($ch); $this->response = explode('|', $response); at that point you could try and insert some code that would display the response, like: echo $response; die; -or- foreach($this->response as $key => $value){ echo $key.": ".$value."<br/>"; } anyhow i just wanted to contribute with what helped me, as it seems that many many people have problems getting this to work properly. best of luck and thanks to all of you in the open-source community...