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  1. castlebuilder

    [CONTRIBUTION] Authorize Net AIM module

    Update on my issue: I think the problem--or one of the problems--is that I am using the FEC contribution (Fast Easy Checkout - makes one-page checkout). There seems to be a conflict. Unfortunately this is one of the first contribs I installed a few years ago and there have been numerous mods since, so I can't just "uninstall" FEC. Again I have tried everything everyone has posted on that topic, but nothing works completely. I can now get to confirmation page (used to get credit card error before it), but then when I click to confirm, it gives same credit card error. It seems that credit card info is being "lost" between the payment and confirmation pages, but I cannot isolate the code to fix this. That ring a bell for anyone?
  2. castlebuilder

    [CONTRIBUTION] Authorize Net AIM module

    Congrats! Not my prob/solution, though. I asked my host at the beginning if a proxy url was needed, they said no, so I left "none" as per the instructions. I just tried taking that out completely, but it made no difference. I also tried not asking for CVV number, in case that was causing problems, and no go there either. So still stuck...
  3. castlebuilder

    [CONTRIBUTION] Authorize Net AIM module

    To clarify, I am talking about "Vger's Module" (the one this thread is about, correct?) not the one that comes with OSCommerce or the other one floating around that is a bit older, though I have been unable to get any of them to work correctly. I can go into the errors I get with the other 2 (default one charges card but gives an Authorize error page to customer - bad; the other gives general error in cart and does not go through at all, similar to this one), but it seemed this one was the one most people had said they could get to work, and it includes the card verification code which is important to us. I'm having no luck, though. MasterCard and Visa also fail, so it's not just AMEX for us.
  4. castlebuilder

    [CONTRIBUTION] Authorize Net AIM module

    I'm not able to get this module to work (or any other Authorize.net module for OSCommerce). I have researched extensively online--in this forum and all over the place--and tried numerous things, but nothing seems to work. The cart has been successfully using Linkpoint for the past couple of years, but the owner now has Authorize and so it has to change. I have followed all instruction exactly on modifications to code and settings in Authorize.net account. I am getting the "general" cc error: Credit Card Error! (in Live mode and I have tried different cards with same results) I'm stumped, I've never had a problem installing payment modules with this or other cart software. Any suggestion on how to find out what the real error is or if anyone else has been in the same situation and resolved it, advice would be welcome!