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  1. toby_nator

    removing advance search link

    Thanks Geoffrey I found a bit of code that I could delete in includes/boxes/search.php and that seems to work fine now. Thanks for the link to the tutor site, I haven't come across that one before and will have a look if it will be able to teach me a bit of the coding for php (I have a lot to learn) Toby
  2. toby_nator

    removing advance search link

    I have downloaded an add on that allows my customers to automatically search the product description as well as the title. This means there is no need for the Advanced Searchlink in the quick find box any longer. In fact I want to totally disable the Advanced Search from any other parts of the site as well because I don't want my customers to see the names of the Manufacturers. Anyone out there that can help me along with this? Toby
  3. Is trying to figure out oscommerce