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  1. tehrabbit

    Shipping Zone Question

    Hi, I am sure that this has been asked before however I can not seem to find it in the forums so please excuse me if I am reposting a topic. Having said that, what I am attempting to do is set up a shipping zone to include only the 48 contiguous states. What we are attempting to do is offer free shipping to our customers but it is entirely too expensive to offer that to Alaska and Hawaii. Therefore I need to exclude those two states from the offer. Is this possible to do in OSC? If so how do I go about doing it? What I have tried: I have already gone in and attempted to create a new zone. However when I submit that new zone it limits me to approximately 6 or 7 states and that is approximately 41-42 states shy of what I need it to be. PLEASE HELP!!! WE ARE LOOKING TO OFFER FREE SHIPPING WITHIN A WEEK AND I HAVE TO HAVE THIS FIXED BY THEN OR IT WILL BE MY A** IS THE SLING!! (I am personally not a fan of slings :-p ) Thanks in advance, Josh
  2. tehrabbit

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    Hi, I was just wondering, (I am a coding newb), if anyone else has wanted/coded too allow for a percentage based markup on the shipping rates? If not how would I go about, and with what would I replace it with, altering the code to change it from a flat rate handling fee to a percentage based one? Thanks Josh