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    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Hi ! first let me say this contribution is really really great ! I have installed the latest oscommerce and Auction 2.1 from scratch and everything seems fine , there non errors occuring. I just have some tiny little problems that maybe Dan or someone could help me solve : - the currency shown in the auction start price always is and stays in US dollars. Even if I switch the main currency to EUR in the file , the auction start price still is in USD ..? How can I fix that ? - If I add products in a category and then put them as auction items , the items can also be bought directly ..I don't want this since I want them to be sold with an auction . I mean , the "Buy Now" or "Add to cart" bottons remain (when you look for them in the categories) although the products are auction products ..any idea how I can fix that ? I have to look if I can put the entire site just to work as I catalog without the possibility to buy maybe that would work then... - The "Time remaining" indication shows "countdown complete" sometimes , although the auction isn't complete...is that a cronjob problem. I haven't set any cron job for the moment but everything actually seems to work fine even the outbid notices or end invoices... Any help would be appreciated ! Many thanks in advance ! Jackkk