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  1. Hello Jan, I wanted to thank you for this Contribution. It worked fine for me. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/388982-upgrading-22ms2-060817-to-22rc2a-to-php-5x-hosting/ Now, if I can just figure out how to re-integrate Ultra-Pics (or similar) . But that isn't a failing of this contrib. You stuff worked fine. Thanks again.
  2. Tezla

    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    Pretty cool contribution. We are using it for back office product admin. However, there's something wrong with the "Date Added" column (which we happen to need). If I turn on both options, the Date column header appears, but it's always over to the left, seems to take the place of Name, and shifts other column header over one place. Just the Header appears, but no Dates below it. Also, if you click the Up Arrow Sort button on any column, it sorts by that column properly (nice feature by the way). But, if you click the Down Arrow Sort button, it sorts by Date added (you can see it in the URL). This is with both Date options turned off or hidden.
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    Easy csv

    Not sure if I was suppose to start a new thread or just post here ... I hope this is ok. I installed the Easy CSV Import 2.0.1 in my osCommerce 2.2ms2. I added the menu option inside the Admin Panel. Installation instructions were good. I used 755 permissions on the “csv” directory. However, I looked through the Readme, and I was unable to find out what the 2 HTML buttons do? They are “Empty Catalog” and “Categories Mapping”. Does “Empty Catalog” really delete all the items in the store? If so, what would be the best way to hide that button because we are only planning to append new items to the existing items. I was afraid to click it. When I click “Categories Mapping” it just says “page not found”… but it might be because I don’t have a file loaded yet? The way we had hoped this to work was to import a batch of new items, and then just go in and add the pictures (we are also using UltraPics 1.2). Is that the way this works? My file is actually in UIEE format (so it needs to be converted to CSV first). Since this accepts the input file from the local PC, I’ll probably just do all the required conversions offline in .NET first.