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  1. CandlelightWeb

    Image resize by orientation

    Also using the On-the-fly thumbnailer to create thumbnails so i may need to modify that in some way...
  2. CandlelightWeb

    Image resize by orientation

    I am trying to come up with a way to resize images depending upon the orientation. The reason is the site sells art. Some is square-ish some is landscaped and some is portrait. The images are being uploaded by the artists who create the art so "manually resize" is not a workable answer. I am trying to do a resize based on something like this: if (height > width) d = width/height x 640 height = 640 and width = d if (height < width) d = height/width x 640 width = 640 and height = d if (height = width) width = 480 and height = 480 and the other dimmension should be calculated by proportional calculation. This way the large image would be 640x480, 480x640 or 480x480 normally but if their image was something stupid like 1200 height and 400 width it would resize proportionally to a set height of 640 with a variable width and yet if they had 1200 width and 400 height it would resize to a max width of 640 and the height would be calculated to match the original aspect ratio. I am hoping somebody here knows of something that will do this, preferably on the upload as I am using the CRIMAGES addon for "watermark" but if not, I would like to have it at least on the popup_image.php file. However if the image gets resized after the watermark is in place, then that is distorted. I know many people are looking for very similar based on the searches I have done on these forums. Help here will help many. Thank you in advance.
  3. I have built a site that uses the addon for "B2B Suite" and modified it somewhat to make it so an artist can sign up for membership and add images, make changes to the images, descriptions, prices... This may work quite well for anybody who is interested in doing similar to this. It is working quite well for EasternShoreArtists.com They have featured artists, but also uses the addons for "customer adds product" and "purchase without account" as well.