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  1. After I solved this problem puting in "/* */" tep_show_category() from categories.php than I get another error: Any advice please? I atachet shopping_cart.php here: http://rapidshare.com/files/172698608/shopping_cart.php.html
  2. webher

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Hello, I have a problem with this script. I just installed oscommerce than overwrite the files from NEW_AND_MODIFIED_FILES. Anything was ok. Than I executed the SQL querry from auction.sql. No error 'till here. But then when I go in control panel at Catalog>Auction Products I get the following error: I tried the addon on MySQL 4.1 and on MySQL 5 and the error appeared on both. Any advice please?
  3. Hi, I have a big problem. I've just installed STS, but when I go to Modules and click install, nothing happens. It doesn't give me any errors or something but also it can't be installed :(