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    thanks Bill
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    i had paypal ipn .0981 installed, and im fed up with it so im installing this. I have a lot of other contribs installed too, so i dont think overwriting will work, but there arent instruction about what changes were made in the code? help? thanks
  3. bluedevil920

    paypal ipn not deducting stock and status stays

    in case this helps, i just noticed that a field in the paypal_txn table says num_cart_items = 0 for all of my orders using paypal, could that be why it isnt deducting stock, even tho quantity=1 and paypal_result = VERIFIED?
  4. I have turned on paypal IPN in my paypal business account by checking the box and giving it the exact url to my paypal_notify.php file. In my database, i am correctly getting VERIFIED in the table entry, and everything else seems to be working just fine. upon returning to the site, my cart is emptied, but the status of the order remains at paypal processing and the quantity of stock for that product is not reduced by the amount sold. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!