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  1. steveinjava

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Apologies in advance if this is covered already but I can't find it. I have installed the addon to OS2.2 and it works fine...except the currency symbols come out wrong in the pdf ( yet fine on screen in HTML) For GB Pounds (£) I get £57.45 whereas for Euros (€) I get €57.45 For USD ($) I get $57.45 which is correct! I tried changing the currency symbol in the admin/localization Symbol Left field, I tried £ and got £57.45 I tried £ and got £57.45 I tried £ and got £57.45 Any ideas? It seems a basic error so I was surprised it isn't easy to find a solution. I have seen similar problems for other pdf applications so perhaps its something server side like a locale problem? I am yet to try it on a second machine. Txs in advance, Steve
  2. steveinjava

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    I am using Dynamenu with a fly out vertical style. I would like to have the expanding folders as well so my customers can see where they are in the sub categories. Is that possible with Dynamenu or is it one or the other? I am up to coding the PHP if need be but I wonder if it is configurable... Txs in advance!
  3. steveinjava

    Bullet in Dhtml Menu Bar

    Apologies in advance for my newbie question but it might help others as well. I am trying to implement your dhtml menu but I have two errors. If I add the if ( DISPLAY_DHTML_MENU == 'True'... statement the varible DISPLAY_DHTML_MENU is not found. So I hard coded 'categories_dhtml.php' just to try it out. I get a nice DHTML menu but with the sample menu options from exmplmenu_var.js So I removed the code setting up the menu but left the js variable defs. Now I get no categories at all... There ought to be a bit of code to load the osCommerce DB categories somewhere but I can't see it. Can anyone help?
  4. steveinjava

    1292 - Incorrect datetime value

    Bryan, did you (or others) work out what this was- I have run into the same error while trying to install it. The now() mysql function is getting surrounded in quotes so it is taken as being text which is not a datetime format. The question is why, I cannot immediately source the line below which causes the error- Of course the database name and values are from variables so its not as easy as searching for this textually... insert into configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added, set_function) values ('For more options, see the Advanced Configuration Dashboard', 'MODULE_PAYMENT_GOOGLECHECKOUT_LINK', '', '', '6', '0', 'now()', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(),') Fingers crossed someone has solved this and can remember how! :)
  5. steveinjava

    Products Purchased Report with Date Range

    Just tried this report- A nice improvement! The problem is it seems to default to US dollars- even when the site holds order totals in GB Pounds! It would just take a small SQL script to query which currency is default. Otherwise great work!
  6. steveinjava

    [CONTRIBUTION] Customers list improved

    Glen, you are right of course- Its just me being fussy! That said, the perfect solution would have a drop down option for each field to filter customers but thats a fair bit more work. I have spotted the module entitled Orders List improved so hopefully similar improvements will be available there. These modules deserve to make V3: Can't wait!
  7. steveinjava

    Manual Order Maker

    Hope this isn't a repeat but I can't find this issue before... I have manual order & edit order installed on my dev machine and it works as expected...but.... The carriage field is always zero. Even if I click on the radio button to select my (only) carriage method of zone. The zone carriage calc works and its there on the left hand side so how do I get it added to the order price? Apologies in advance if this is an error on my part... Steve H
  8. steveinjava

    [CONTRIBUTION] Customers list improved

    Glen, many thanks- It works for me now. The obvious missing feature (IMO) is a country field. I could use a filter on this (ie drop down menu to select a country and only customers in that country would be listed) but being able to sort alphabetically by country is near enough. I am not a PHP coder really (Java is my cup) but if pushed I would have a go. Is it something you were thinking of? Actually sorting by preferred language would be useful but this is only in a cookie on the clients machine I think?
  9. steveinjava

    Japanese Language Help needed

    Well I found the same problem, added the index.html from my english directory...And it just yields blank pages when I click on the Japanese flag! I note the script file jcode.phps is a feature of the module- To convert the character set. Just maybe this causes problems? I have its permissons set so anybody can execute it- guess that's right? Other pages (ie not just index.php) have the same problem when I try to swap languages- it just goes blank. Any other ideas anyone? Txs in advance! Steve
  10. I have installed QT Pro 4.5 as having stock control working for all product attributes is essential for my clients. The stock check is apparently flawed! If I for example have 10 of type A, 20 of type B and none of type C the code only stops products being selected if I try to add more than 30, even if I select the C attribute! I can see the neat stock check table if I have it selected and it doesn't show the attribute with no stock. I have tried the various alternatives and they all have the same problem. I can't get the out of stock warning to appear on the dropdown attributes list either. Products that have no attributes still work correctly- ie you can't order them if they have a stock quantity of zero. Has anybody seen this before? I can start debugging but surely a module like this must work and I am doing something wrong? Thanks in advance, Steve H
  11. steveinjava

    [CONTRIBUTION] Customers list improved

    Glen, many thanks for this improved UI! The same changes could be made to the orders page and probably others in the admin UI. I have one problem- When I click on a column title it does not react- I still have the last name descending sorting only. I checked and my copy of general has a (different) copy of the function tep_get_address_format_id but not the tep_address_label function. Apart from that I can't see any reason why the code shouldn't work. Any ideas?
  12. steveinjava

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Sorry in advance to gate crash in- but I am interested in the ability to use your (excellent) feeder to send GBP, USD & EUR to Google base each time it is run. I know I could set up three versions fired by 3 cronjobs, but it seems to me that a fairly simple for loop could handle it in your routine. While I am happy to code it, test it and return it to you I wonder if it has already been done by someone? If anyone can see a flaw in my logic or want to suggest anything I might include just say. I should add I am a Java programmer and PHP is a bit like pulling teeth but it will make a change. Thanks in advance for advice. Steve H
  13. Can't contact mother by email and there is no sign of how/where to try the alpha code out. Open Source?!

  14. steveinjava

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Sorry all, I realised I had overwritten part of /includes/database_tables.php when I added the new stuff... I will get back to the installation and leave you in peace :P
  15. steveinjava

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Alex, I am new to the Super Download Shop and thought I had installed it as per in instructions... However I now get... 1146 - Table 'oscommerce_4026314340.TABLE_CONFIGURATION' doesn't exist select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from TABLE_CONFIGURATION [TEP STOP] ...when I try to enter the admin area (I was trying to follow "Setup Downloads" instructions) The thing that totally confuses me is I have never heard of a table called "TABLE_CONFIGURATION" I looked at my backups and the oscommerce db never contained such a table- And the sql I ran during the install process for S.D.S. doesn't mention is either... Can you see what I have done wrong from this info? I am luck in that I am working with a non active oscommerce implementation so this is not a panic situation :)