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    Vger got a reaction from careintilky in [CONTRIBUTION] CCGV (trad)   
    I am launching a reworking of CCGV (Credit Class & Gift Vouchers) today, which harks back to an older version with various bug fixes and security patches applied. It also includes additional features:
    1. The ability to Delete gift vouchers in the Gift Voucher Queue from within osCommerce admin - for when customers don't follow up with payment.
    2. Queue Gift Vouchers is no longer optional - all vouchers are queued.
    3. The ability for customers to view their Gift Voucher Balance within their Account page and to send Gift Vouchers from that page.
    Please don't posts support requests for other versions of CCGV to this thread - they won't be answered!
    The contribution is available here:
    Rhea (Vger)
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    Vger got a reaction from SypePecezen in [CONTRIBUTION] Authorize Net AIM module   
    This is a new support thread created for a new and updated version of the AuthorizeNet AIM (Advanced Integration Method) module, released under GPL.
    The module is located here:
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    Vger got a reaction from darknessgc in [CONTRIBUTION] Authorize Net AIM module   
    I have added some additional information to the Install file so as to provide some extra info about switching between Test and Live mode.
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    Vger got a reaction from Guest in PHP6 and OsCommerce   
    The RC versions of osCommerce are Register Globals and Register Long Arrays 'off' compatible, due to a compatibility layer fix. PHP 6 will also have Magic Quotes 'off' and I'm not sure yet how that will affect the RC versions of osCommerce.
    MySQL 6 is already released.