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    Paypal IPN module removed from osC2.2 rc2 ?

    No, the Pay Pal Website Payments Standard module is nothing to do with the osCommerce Pay Pal IPN module, which can be found here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2679 My advice - don't use anything after the Novemner 2006 v1.4 download This module was written for osCommerce 2.2 MS2 and not RC1 or RC2 versions. Vger
  2. Vger

    Live chat

    Unless you are going to be regularly online to answer queries then having a Live Chat box which almost always says "Offline" is worse than not having any at all. Vger
  3. Vger

    SSL for complete site

    Then you have a fool for a client. Google, like it or not, is the most important search engine, and they do not give Page Rankings to https pages. So by making the whole site https your client is damaging their business. On top of that https pages take longer to load and place more strain on the server because of the extra work required. Vger
  4. Vger

    Images no longer uploading

    It's far more likely that either: 1. Your host has upgraded to a version of MySQL which has broken the contribution e.g. 5+ 2. You've run out of web space in your hosting account 3. The PHP function 'Image Upload' has been disallowed by your hsots (if this is the case they need to re-allow that or you need to move). Vger
  5. And <?php echo TABLE_HEADING_PAYMENT_METHOD; ?> is found in the root level checkout_payment.php page. I do not know if this fix works, because whether error messages appear on the page or in the address bar is more often related to the server set up rather than coding. Whilst I published this module here I am UK Based and only did this for a customer, and it's not something I normally use or support. Vger
  6. Vger

    help on bank transfers

    Not all countries in the EU have the Euro as their currency - so that's a majr problem unless you have a multi-currency business bank account. Vger
  7. Vger

    Protx Direct v2.22

    You need to have your Protx account set up for MOTO (Mail Order - Telephone Order), and then you can log in to your Protx Terminal and take orders over the phone. Vger
  8. Vger

    Protx Direct no longer working after more to php5

    Post your query in the official support thread - which is well maintained by Tom Hodges. Vger
  9. Vger

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    There is also a CPI system which is not available here (deleted for some reason), which only needs mcrypt and mhash to be installed in PHP (which they mostly are). You can download it from here: http://www.downhomeconsulting.com/Downloads/downloads.php Vger
  10. Vger

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Of course - I made that post 7 months ago, and since then Protx have screwed up so many times, and cost customers millions of pounds in lost revenue, that I now recommend Sec Pay. Nothing stays static in this business for long! Vger
  11. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry923577 Vger
  12. Take my advice - buy the Innova Studio WYSIWYG Editor. We tried Tiny MCE and FCK Text Editors and they're just not up to the job. The Innova Studio Editor is cheap, and it's a much better product. And "No", I'm not on commission from Innova Studio. Vger
  13. The reason I changed it from 'test' to 'certification' in the first place was because 'test' didn't work. Don't know where the 'secure' came from but am willing to accept I possibly made a mistake. Vger
  14. It's Pay Pal, and not the osCommerce Pay Pal IPN that's the problem. Vger
  15. Vger


    Incorrect. I do offer support - just not on this forum. And the link to where I do offer support has been removed from this thread. That is correct. I have no intention of updating CCGV(trad) to work with a Release Candidate version. Vger
  16. Vger

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Well, whoever Henry is he's in no position to insist that anyone does anything to any contribution. If "Henry" were to pull the later versions from osCommerce contributions then that's fine - but I think an awful lot of people would be seriously p****d off with you! This contribution hasn't been supported by the osCommerce Team since the v1.1 update by Mark Evans (Sparky), years ago. Vger
  17. Payment modules should work with RC1, as they are stand-alone additions. Vger
  18. Vger

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Some of the 1and1 servers are based in Germany I believe, under the Schlund company. Vger
  19. Judging by what you say you have installed RC1 (Release Candidate 1), and I can't guarantee this module will work with this Release Candidate. Vger
  20. It's most likely a cuRL issue. Authorise Net uses cURL and it could be that: 1. Your PHP build does not have cURL compiled in it. 2. cURL uses a proxy on your server. Vger
  21. Vger


    This is the link I was referring to: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...t&p=1117252 Vger
  22. Vger


    I have made the point previously that I will upgrade CCGV(trad) when the final release of osCommerce 2.2 MS2 comes out - there's no point in making one for a "Release Candidate". As usual when I make an upgrade, it is based on feedback from users, and I have changed my mind on one point raised above which I previously did not agree with. It was suggested that when people backtracked that the Gift Voucher or Discount Coupon should be unregistered so that people would have to select it again. Upon reflection I agree to do this and will implement it. Many new features have been added since CCGV(trad) was built. You can ignore the posts by Silverado, he's just p****d because as Texan78 he was the first person to be banned from the forum where I now support CCGV(trad). You can look at the post he made in the CCGV(trad) Contribution here to see why he got banned - which also justifies to me the reason for moving support for it. Vger
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    Read my post on the page before this. Vger
  24. If you have more than one payment method available then to the right of them are radio buttons, and you have to click the one next to the payment method you wish to use. If you don't do that then you get the error message you reported. If you enabled more than one payment method in osC Admin, and they both have the same Sort Order then you may not even see the second payment module displayed on the page, so no radio button to tick. Vger