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  1. deftonez

    Linkpoint modify question.

    hey im a noob. 1) i have the linkpoint api for credit card processing, and it says when you are about to enter your credit card info. LINKPOINT CREDIT CARD. is it possible to erase LINKPOINT and leave CREDIT CARD? i tried looking in the linkpoint.php but couldnt find it. :( -dennis
  2. hey does or has anyone used in implented the UPS shipping module? seems like just a very few people have. some people who have ?'s on UPS dont seem to get answered. but i hope mine does! alright here is the deal. i want to add the UPS shipping module to my clients OsC account. 1. is there a contrib out there that can do it flawlessly? 2. the specs for it are as follows: the min amount to ship is 1 pound. every product is 0.8 pounds total = # of products*0.8 total is then rounded to NEXT whole number. (8.2 = 9.0) 3. can someone also explain the process of order to shipping the contrib will have? so any advice? -dennis
  3. deftonez

    Linkpoint/Cardservice module help!!!

    my host said that it doesnt have a firewall on any ports. any other ideas? anyone out there want to help me set up the linkpoint moduale for a minimal fee? or even for free? need help asap. -dennis dennis@elusiveonline.com
  4. deftonez

    Linkpoint/Cardservice module help!!!

    hey im installing the linkpoint mod. and im at the stage of testing the linkpoint avi. and it doesnt work. can anyone help? here is the link. http://www.anucci.com/lptest/PHP_FORM_MIN.html -dennis