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    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi Robert! Great job, thanks! When set in admin panel Enable SEO URLs 5 = true, On product_info.php, when clik "Share" on Facebook or other social services. icon is not displayed picture of the product, only the link. I identified, that in the URL is passed: If Enable SEO URLs 5 = false http://external.ak.fbcdn.net/safe_image.php?d=AQDMUYJdK1uXT_hx&url=http://my_domen.com/images/product_001.png If Enable SEO URLs 5 = true http://external.ak.fbcdn.net/safe_image.php?d=AQDMUYJdK1uXT_hx&url=http://my_domen.com/product_info.php/images/product_001.png Thanks!