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  1. can someone point me in the correct direction please I want to apply a shipping cost per order irrespective of weight, We have four shipping bands with different options within the bands UK RM First Class Recorded Delivery 2.50 RM Special Delivery Noon #11.50 RM Special Delivery 9am #14.40 Interlink Saturday #26.50 EU Air Mail Small Packet Airsure #7.80 Air Mail Letter Airsure #14.50 Switzerland and Gibraltar (which we call World Outside EU Air Mail Small Packet Signed For #7.50 (except orders over #25 free) Air Mail Letter Signed For #15.50 UPS #55.00 World outside EU A Air Mail Small Packet Signed For #15.50 (except orders over #25 free) Air Mail Letter Signed For #25.00 UPS #55.00 Where do I start?
  2. Thanks for that....I am now making progress I've corrected my import file to have columns for every possible choice, and leave the price column empty to choices that don't apply. One final issue though, i'm getting my choices in a random order in the drop down box. ie some products are 14-16, 10-12, 18-20, others 18-20, 10-12, 14-16 It looks messy!
  3. I am sure I am doing something dumb here.....I'm adding sizes to my products. one product is available in 3 sizes only so I use this line for attributes (smallest size 10-12) 1 size 2 0 10 - 12 3 0 14 - 16 4 0 18 - 20 then I have a product available in 5 different products (smallest 8-10) 1 size 2 0 8 - 10 3 0 10 - 12 4 0 14 - 16 5 0 18 - 20 the site is visible some of my products are showing odd attributes Nicole's French Knickers in Cool Ivory Chiffon with Embroidery , is 10-12, 14-16 and medium. The third size should be 18-20 and is that in my import file Thanks for any help BTW - the site is adult lingerie just in case people are sensitive to adult sites
  4. ideally what I want to do is use easypopulate to import my products to start with. Then I was hoping to use it to maintain my products. ie I will maintain my products in a spreadsheet and import the changes and new products. But I seem to be being told that i can't use easypopulate to make changes to products
  5. there in lies my problem! The spreadshhet with revised products etc doesn't have the descriptions on it. Therefore when I create my new import file every 2 monthsts i don't want to have to rematch descriptions to products in the import file. There are several hundred products. Is the only way to make product changes via the admin panel?
  6. Hi, I am using easypopulate to populate my store - Thank you to everyone who has contritubed to it - I have a few qs. I'd like to be able to clear my store every couple of months because I get a new spreadsheet from my supplier. To clear the store seems to be the only way to remove out of stock products. It is no problem to regenerate the import, but I don't want to have to include product descriptions in the upload since I will have to add these manually to the import file Can I use easypopulate to amend data? Ie what I'd like to do is empty the store, import the spreadsheet from my supplier and then import another spreadsheet containing product descriptions? does anyone know what i am doing - I seem to be creating a dummy product , ie spaces for product nanem zero for price? Thanks Jo
  7. oK fixed it myself. I had to upload the images into category folders. and define the path name to include the category
  8. Hnmmm, I am resurrecting a very old thread... but I have the same problem. using easypopulate I want to define my image names in my spreadsheet, thats ok I use abc.gif in the column and then ftp the images to the correct folder. BUT my images don't show - when I right click the missing image I get the pathname but without the image name The only way I seem to be able to get my images to show is to add each image name in the admin panel (not something I want to do!) Anyone tell me where I'm going wrong please