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  1. Hi, Have you been able to solve this issue? We have the same problem. DIR_WS_ADMIN is put in the link instead of the catalog folder /catalog/. Thanks in advance! -- Sjost.
  2. Hi Jack, Thanks for your reply! It thought the same, i searched for DIR_WS_ADMIN in all the files i edited, and uploaded, for the installation, but couldn't find it. Like you said, the DIR_WS_ADMIN is in the config file, but with the same config files and SEO not installed it works fine. DIR_WS_ADMIN is located in the admin config, thats why i think its strange that its now in the links on the front-end on the webshop. Below the line in the admin config where DIR_WS_ADMIN is specified: define('DIR_WS_ADMIN', '/n/admin/'); I installed Ultimate SEO 2-2.2d-4 Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, I installed Ultimate SEO by following the intructions. Unfortunately its not working like it should be. After the installation the links are all messed up. The catalog folder (/n/) is being replaced by 'dir_ws_admin'? So this is the link i get when installing SEO: http://www.vizeo-design.nldir_ws_adminproduct_info.php/?cPath=24&products_id=146 This is how it should be: http://www.vizeo-design.nl/n/product_info....products_id=146 Can somebody please tell me what i am doing wrong? Thanks in advance! Sjost.
  4. Hi all, We has a OSC shop running with STS templates and more pics. It's working fine except we have a problem with the pictures in pages like product_reviews.php and products_reviews_write.php. The pictures are not showing on these pages. Here's an example: http://www.kalenderwinkel.com/n/product_re...products_id=153 Does any one know how we can get our pictures back on these pages? Thanks in advance! Regards, Vizeo