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  1. micheleangle

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    dculley - How did you get rid of the watermark?
  2. micheleangle

    "Sorry - your last action could not be completed" - PayPal

    Sounds like the problem I'm having as well. It's been 3 weeks or so that my customers tell me they can't pay via PayPal - and they end up sending me a check. I called PayPal today and they told me it is on my end. I didn't change anything with oscommerce coding. Hope someone can figure this out!? Thanks!
  3. micheleangle

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi! I have header tags installed and like the way the title shows on the main category index.php page. On the subcategory page, the above title is displayed as well as the subcategory title in the top black banner. (I think it is a little too much displayed.) I was wondering if there was a way to show the description on the category (index.php) page instead - and not show the title in the banner? Also, someone pointed out that my pages jump and suggested that I add a line break after each </a> to see if this solves the problem. I don't know if this started after I added header tags or not and was wondering if anyone has experienced this? Any suggestions? I tried adding <br> after the </a> on the product_info.pho - but it didn't make a difference. Thanks in advance! micheleangle
  4. micheleangle

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack - I indicated "drop down" boxes - oops they are not drop down - they're "fill in" rectangular boxes - so sorry - thought dropdown. The admin/manufacturers is "fill in" - which I did; and the admin/categories/products won't let me fill anything. It just displays the words I mentioned before - referring to title, descriptions, keywords. That's what I was wondering - should they allow me to fill in those boxes in admin/categories/products? In working with the control page and fill in tags, I don't see how the above are used? And, no - you never seem to come off harsh - it's just I still feel like a dumbo! Thanks so much - I, too appreciate your contribution and all that you do for us. :blush:
  5. micheleangle

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack - I searched over 50 pages and can't find an answer. Probably partly due to feeling a little brain dead after a while. I apologize that this may not be in the correct category. It appears that the installation of header tags seo - updated to 3.11 - is up and running. I've been playing around with trying to get what I want. Before I start working on it again - was wondering: 1. Is there suppose to be drop down boxes in the admin part - admin/catalog/categories/products? That page shows the category name and also shows: Header Tags Category Title, Header Tags Category Description, Header Tags category Keywords, Header Tags Categories Description - in that order with 2 descriptions listed - but no drop down box. 2. admin/catalog/manufacturers/ - shows all the above with drop down boxes, which I am able to add. What I'd like to know - where do these show up? Can you refer me to more instructions on this? I cut and tried to paste what I'm talking about, but it wouldn't display correctly in this forum. Was wondering if you or anyone out there who has this all up and running correctly - could post examples for we novices - something we could refer to - to see if we're doing things correctly? I think it would save you some time, Jack - my opinion. Would it be against oscommerce policy if someone posted a demo on how to follow through on working these header tags? It wouldn't have to be professionally done - something like they do on You Tube? Thanks a bunch! micheleangle P.S. Please don't be too hard on me for asking the above.!? B)
  6. micheleangle

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack - Hopefully, a quickie here. I haven't been on the forum for a while and it seems things have changed - with the style - now down to 24 pages? And, I couldn't figure out where to place this question, so I apologize if it's not in the proper category. I didn't realize you had upgraded the header tags from 3.0.8. Actually, I have 3.0.7 and was finally working on my keywords, etc., when I went to seek some help, found the upgrades. So, have read through them and want to upgrade so that when I do work on the header tags, hopefully more of the problem areas will be fixed. I read through all the updates and wondered if I just need to update: catalog/admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php catalog/includes/functions/header_tags.php When it says to upload all the files in the admin and catalog directories - do I compare them all again and make changes? Have they all changed? Thanks - appreciate any help you can give me. micheleangle
  7. micheleangle

    Test Results for Header Tags

    I ran a test and show some of the same files that say there is a missing code in files - the 3 product_review files and the special.php file. I don't see where we are supposed to insert code. Did you get this figured out? Thanks! micheleangle
  8. micheleangle

    Check out process

    Hey, Jim - Thought I'd share my Friday, the 13th good news - so far so good, anyway! Both the shopping and the product estimators are working!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I probably should explain what I did in case others out there wish to install and have the same problem. Dumb, dumb me decided to compare the shopping_cart.php file (the new one with the shipping estimator addon) with the one I was using. They were very similar, so I decided to overwrite the one I had, and bingo - that was it. Even though I had followed directions by copying and pasting in my original file - apparently, there was something that was different. I didn't know if I should have done something with the other file - shop/includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php??? Happy Valentine's Day - and again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D Michele
  9. micheleangle

    Check out process

    Thanks! Will it interefere if I keep the test.php file on? After playing around with the shipping estimator early this a.m., it appeared to work when a person clicked on the product info page. It doesn't work on the shopping_cart.php page - which says, "What's In My Cart?" Perhaps it's not supposed to? Should I take the button off the shopping cart page? If yes, would that be the catalog/includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php? And/or the catalog/shopping_cart.php? I still haven't caught on to all this. Jim, I appreciate your assistance and expertise - and thank you very much! michele
  10. micheleangle

    Check out process

    Jim - Thanks so much for replying and your assistance. I had previously tried all the above you mentioned. I thought maybe the problem was in the products_info.php file - so I compared test file to my site file. I thought they should be the same, except I had SEO codes in test file. I compared last night and now can't remember what was different. Anyway, I decided to copy test products_info.php it to my site products_info.php file. Now it appears that the estimator works off and on. I'm going to shut down for a while and will try it later. Currently, my zones are turned off. I put the test.php file back on - so, now I don't know whether to keep on or take it off? Need to get some shut eye <_< - Thanks again. Michele
  11. micheleangle

    Check out process

    I have MSV installed and got on my site today and it worked on one item. Tried again and it didn't work and now I can't get any information on estimate shipping costs. Anyone happen to know which file I should be looking to find out what happened? Thanks - Michele
  12. micheleangle

    Check out process

    A little more clarification here - When I say it doesn't work, I mean: When I put in a zip code, it says I need to include the state/province. When I put state info in and/or zip & state, I get no shipping estimates. On my testing site, the zip code comes up along with 3 different shipping prices for express, priority, parcel post.
  13. micheleangle

    Check out process

    Jim - Sounds like you have a good sense of humor! That was funny! Sorry I wasn't more explicit. Also, I thought I had instant notice of this thread coming in, so don't know when you responded. Will watch more carefully from now on. Well, guess what?! I have the shipping estimator installed now on both my test and regular site. It pops up on both - works on my test site, but not on real site. One good thing, no errors are showing. On live site, if one fills in zip code, it asks for state or zone. If I type in both, it still doesn't give me estimates. It does on test site, although the state part doesn't work. Yesterday I had to apply my backup system, so thought maybe the zone configuration item I inserted in SQL database manager - was perhaps deleted. Called hosting site and they said it wouldn't hurt to run it again. So, I did. I now have 3 "Use Zones" listed in the Shipping/Packing Admin area. And, I don't know how to delete 2. On my test site, according to the dates, it appears that the new configuration data may not have run or taken hold (if that makes sense). Bottom line, it appears to be working. Hope to hear from you and will try to clarify more if necessary. In the meantime, I will review your notes in either deleting the center button, or try placing it below the "read the reviews," "add to cart" buttons. I truly appreciate all your help! Thanks! Michele
  14. micheleangle

    Check out process

    Jim- I have shipping estimator installed and it's popping up and not causing errors, but it doesn't work when I plug in a zip code. I've tried turning zone to both true and false. That's not it. Also, can I get rid of one of the shipping estimate buttons? One is in the middle and the other show up in the right column. Would prefer to leave in right column. Thanks for all your help! Michele
  15. micheleangle

    Check out process

    Can you believe it - I still don't have the shipping estimator functioning. I'm back at it again. It wouldn't work on my testing site, as it would always revert back to my original site. So, today, I was very cautious - uploaded everything - and error occured. Had to revert to back up because I had a critical mtg. Now, I went step by step and checked out each step as I went along. I believe error occurred when I uploaded the catalog/product_info.php. So, I retraced my steps and reverted back to the original files. I have version 2.2 with the qpbpp addon. Maybe that's causing some problems. Any recommendations? Thanks! :o