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  1. BobMason

    Header Tags SEO

    Is this contribution compatible with Online Merchant 2.2 RC1 because I can't find any of the code you are asking me to change in index.php or product_info.php? Shop Egon Publishers N.B. This is a bookshop so quite a few fields like Manufacturer are turned off and extra fields like ISBN are added.
  2. I am trying to install Header Tags SEO to OSC Online Merchant v2.2 RC1. The headertags_seo_install.php worked just fine but when I started to do the file changes I could only find fragments of the code I was told to search for. From Part Three onwards of Install_Catalog.txt in index.php I could find no traces at all of the code I was looking to add/replace. In product_info.php I ground to a halt at this instruction FIND (around line 102) <td class="pageHeading" valign="top"><?php echo $products_name; ?></td> <td class="pageHeading" align="right" valign="top"><?php echo $products_price; ?></td> Using Find in my code editor (Homesite) there was no trace of this code. Then there is this NOTE: In any page in which you make the change to the title for Header Tags, you should also locate the line containing HEADING_TITLE, remove the pageHeading class and add the h1 tags as above. But this file and index does not contain the string HEADING_TITLE anywhere. Is this because RC1 doesn't work with this addon?
  3. BobMason

    VAT included in product price?

    Tried that most carefully but it still will not add the tax or display it in the shopping cart
  4. Being new to osCommerce I have searched the forums looking for a step by step guide to Installing and Configuring PayPal Website Payments Standard because the versions supplied with the website template I bought didn't work. I noticed that requests for help with this are all over the forum but no one has written a guide that makes any sense and a lot of the wizkids seem unable to pass on simple instructions as they assume that the people reading the forums are as technically clued in as they are - in the main they are NOT and the cryptic comments and instructions are mostly meaningless to new users. So I have written a tutorial about installing the PayPal Website Payments Standard v1.0 contribution based on what I did to get this excellent addon working. You can find the tutorial here http://www.omega-cottage.co.uk/articles/we...oscommerce.html I hope this helps all those folks heartfelt plees for help with setting up PayPal :D
  5. BobMason

    Paypal not returning order - GUIDE

    At last a reply that doesn't assume we know as much as the poster and gives clear concise instructions that WORK !!!! Please remember you were a newbie once yourself Many Many Thanks
  6. BobMason

    All Customers Report

    Please be a bit more specific please - which file is this in? Remember not everyone looking for help has your intimate knowledge of what is where