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  1. PWA stands for : Purchase Without Account, and can be found here
  2. you could use Display MSRP & Savings
  3. really annoying topic title, for such a problem! did it ever occur to you that your problem is NOT worth such a title..?
  4. just download and open the file catalog/includes/database_tables.php in an editor. scroll down in this file and add this (below) before the final ?> : // BOF Bundled Products define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_BUNDLES', 'products_bundles'); // EOF Bundled Products save file and upload again. DO NOT use the filemanager from Admin, use a ftp program
  5. go to phpMyAdmin: on the left you can see your database(s) if there is more then one database, select the database which you are using for your shop, and run the sql
  6. what is confusing you? i'm simply saying, that you might have selected the wrong database to run the sql in.
  7. it means that, like you said, you already run the sql but maybe (seen it before) you run the sql in a wrong database...
  8. you forgot to run the sql see SQL.txt in your contribution
  9. forgot to run a sql ? which contri are you talking about?
  10. so, if i understand it correct: this is a full AJAX oscommerce_site ? AJAX is a perfect solution in some situations > a full AJAX site is overdone, or better: it's wrong use of AJAX just my opinion of course ;)
  11. Thanks anyway Jack. I will keep this very handy contrib installed, because i see no trouble coming for the rest of the admin/shop I'm now looking how to (temporarily) eliminate the new file check, until i have the time for further investigation.
  12. i now installed the contrib into my live shop (it's a different server with only my life shop, no test-shops..) after excluding several directories -> problem remains. - if i delete admin from the exclude_list, then sitemonitor has no problem in finding all 'new' files in admin after manual execution however, in this case i can not delete and create the reference_file - if i check Quarantine Files, then i get: Found a new file named readme.txt Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_not_null() in /home/site/public_html/admin/includes/functions/sitemonitor_functions.php on line 87 apart from this, everything works like a charm: delete files, size difference, time and permissions mismatches
  13. Hi Jack, I have this neat contrib installed and it's working except for one thing; as soon as i upload a new file anywhere and make the check to see if sitemonitor did pick it up, the page 'hangs' when i delete the new file, it's working again... I read the entire thread, and a did not see a similar problem. Any idea's? tia Peter.