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    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    The answer: The text that shows up on the tax line in the confirmation email can be found in the database. Go to your phpAdmin (or whaterver you use to access the mySQL). The tax_rates table has a tax_description field which can be edit via the browse tab.
  2. akmiecik

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    Any idea why comments are not coming through in the email? They were before modifications. Also, my tax line, in the emails, reads "Tax Low-end:" "Tax Low" comes from the database (I have two tax categories "Tax Low" and "Tax High") Where is the "-end" coming from? My english checkout_process.php reads: define('EMAIL_TEXT_TAX', 'Tax:'); Would love to have the email tax line simply read "Tax:" This is a way sweet add-on, thank you.
  3. I seem to have STS installed fine (new installation, copied the MS2 files). STS shows up in Modules and installing each module seemed fine. When I click "Do you want to use Simple Template System?" to True and then click "update" nothing happens. Any ideas where to look for a fix?