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    Bundled Products

    Still love this add on contribution. Does anyone know if this can be modified so that the buyer can tweak the amounts of the sub products within a bundle? This would be very useful for bundles which are, for example,kits for building something, as opposed to ones which are just a way to get rid of cheaper stock and increase revenue... I can do the modification to allow the qty field to be an editable text field, but i need to know the way to approach the back end (cart, stock, price change etc) aspect of it... If anyone could suggest a possible method to tackle this, it would be greatly appreciated Best regards Bee
  2. beeman147

    Bundled products

    I have bundled products 1.5.3 working well with Sppc 4.2.2 (or so it seems) but i need to make further modifications. I would like for the customer & store emails to list all the sub products within a bundle when sold. I have modified the admin order.php, invoice.php and packingslip.php to display this way, but no luck with the email part yet. I'm probably missing something simple... it's been a long session. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, i will watch mighty boosh and then have another bash with a fresh mind :) Thx Bee
  3. Thanks Jan The last solution with the Sppc function works perfectly. Bee
  4. I am also trying to do this, with my severely limited php knowledge... if i get it working then i will post my product_info page code here... Does anybody know if this tricky one has been solved elsewhere? Would be great to find, as both these contribs are superb in their own right. bee :-)
  5. beeman147

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Once again Jan, thanks for your help on this. I will take your advice and implement the SPPC422 method of email alert when 'trade' account is requested.... Many thanks Bee :)
  6. beeman147

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Thanks Jan, I had a little look myself this afternoon with limited luck, shall we say :) I did find a php script which validates all 27 EU countries codes here but as you say, that doesn't cover the whole world. Do you think the method of 'applying for a trade account' as in this contrib is the most elegant solution, in your experience? I just need to be able to deal with 'retail' and 'trade' customers differently, in the simplest way... and possibly use some of the more specialised 'per customer' features presented in SPPC422... Many thanks for the help Bee
  7. beeman147

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi I have installed SPPC 4.2.2 on a clean 2.2RC2a on a separate local site just to give it a good play about, with a view to doing a manual install on my shop. I'm loving it so far and i would like to ask about when corporate customers registering for 'trade' with a Company's Tax ID no... I would like to know if it's possible to validate the Tax ID no immediately, so that the customer would immediately become a 'trade' customer? For instance, validating the Tax No format and performing a remote look up to verify that the Tax ID is currently in use by a real company? I have been trying to modify GCDiscountSpecials 1.4b so that the customer could opt for a trade account at the create account stage. I've managed to implement the relevant entry & database updates but alas, not the validation of the company so it's not really a goer as yet. Then I found this contrib and would like to try the same idea with this. Maybe others would too? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Bee :)
  8. Hi all, I am still developing my site and it is in test mode at the moment. Worldpay will be my only payment method, a least for the early days :) I have the module working so that... callback functions correctly my html output displays on final worldpay 'success' page 'return to site' button is displayed worldpay emails fired to customer and me So far so good, but my issue with this module is that the user has to press a button to return to my server. Only at this point will the order email (from my shop) be fired off to the customer, my warehouse and myself. So, if the buyer closes the browser without returning to my store, they pay but not necessarily receive their goods, until i've done some manual work in the site admin. I really want this process to be automatic, so: Is there a way to modify the callback so that if transaction successful, the emails get sent off i.e, before the customer sees the final worldpay confirmation page? Would it be a case of adding an if... else construct to the junior_callback.php file? I'm not a developer, as is probably clear, so any pointers or suggestions will be lapped up with glee :-) Thanks in advance Bee