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  1. A suggestion to everyone. Don't bother trying to use this forum for this contribution as nobody will help any more and the creator has vanished and doesn't care at all or has kicked the bucket, one or the other. I'm quite annoyed with this contribution if there aren't people to help so in my eyes it's crap and very buggy. Because of this I decided to use Joomla.
  2. You're right jrd1mra, the creator doesn't seem to be interested no more, however there are smart PHP programmers out there who can take on this project. It has a few problems for me and I will be removing it from my system, although it's a powerful contribution, but I can live without it, it's no big deal, there are other discount contributions out there.
  3. Man there should be a forum just for this contribution. It's all messed up here and so confusing. KGT if you're listening, which I don't think you are any more, you need to create another forum on another website dedicated to this contribution only. If you want, I can help with the web server side. As you can see there are many types of problems with no specific topic attached to them. So how can we find a specific issue through over 100 pages? antonitus
  4. Hi, Can anyone help me with this issue. I just installed Discount Coupon Codes and what a powerful contribution. Everything works fine, however when the customer and admin receives the order email, the discount is not in the email. Also it is not shown in the admin area under customers' orders, i.e. invoice, etc. I have re-checked the code time and time again and it all looks good. What I really want to know is what file is responsible for this so that I can debug it or something. Just to let you know I'm not a PHP guru, just a novice or trying to be and I cannot just add this file direct into my server as I have added other contributions. Instead, I edited most of the files and some I copied direct as they did not have a contribution added to that file. Thanks for your help. antonitus