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    Hotclutch got a reaction from wendyv in Modular front page combine with DisplayBothCategoriesAndProducts   
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    hey everyone, I was having this problem too until a few days ago (I sent a pm to the guy who started this thread for confirmation but no reply so i'll see if you guys wanna try it)
    basically, in the admin configuration page, under shipping and packaging, where you have maximum weight you will ship, an tare weight etc,,,
    change the maximum weight you will ship, to exactly the same weight as the highest weight in your table... for example, my table is:
    i changed my 'maximum weight i will ship' to 4000.... an now the table works perfectly, I'd appreciate some feedback on this to see if it helped anyone else, if it works, please send me a pm coz the chances are i wont be able to find this thread again lol
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    Hotclutch reacted to FWR Media in ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media   
    Hi Ashley
    Please try the attached file and post back here how it handles your issue.
    This replacement file intends to handle an issue where an old/changed cPath would not 301 redirect to the new version.
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    So your the cup 1/2 empty then
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    There are now 9 and thats just the shared packages , I can probably make that into the 100's if we included VPS / Dedicated servers.
    To make a long story short, 3.x is in it for the long haul, its not ready to be used by people that don't know what they are doing and I think thats a good thing. We should all stop looking for the new shiny thing and lets give it time to bed down and stabalise, get other developers trained up and get the community addons and contributions to core rolling in. This will all benefit the codebase and the userbase considerably for the future and was one of the core goals of the 3.x series.
    Its "cup 1/2 full" time and not "cup 1/2 empty"