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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    Phoenix and the community editions never cared about compatibility with SEO URLs. If I were you I would stay on my working shop and wait for the release of V4, even though there is no confirmed release date and no one knows if it will be production ready when released. But at least from the information shared there will be a built in migration path for URLs. Or you can commit SEO suicide and abandon SEO URLs to continue on with Phoenix.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from annuity in Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer   
    See the 4th shop on this page:
    The new osCommerce menu appears to function like this.
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    Hotclutch reacted to mediarays in Next osCommerce v4 demo   
    I am a member on this forum since 2003 and my first online ecommerce script it oscommerce. Long live Oscommerce
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from wettset in New management and osCommerce v4   
    I would not encourage Admin to do anything about this, for fear of content being removed. The Addon section is a huge resource to us shopowners. In fact, osCommerce is unusable without the Addons. Many of the older Addons were later updated for Frozen and then Phoenix versions. If Admin were to start moderating these Addons, the whole Addon thread may well be deleted.
    Phoenix has already been removed from the official download page and it will just be a matter of time before people realize that this forum is not the place for Phoenix discussion and/or development.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from wettset in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Hi Demitry
    Some of these questions have been answered for us already.
    See this page:
    The new version will be a rewrite. Screenshots of them have been posted earlier in this thread and elsewhere on the forum. So the Admin won't look like it has for the history of osCommerce before.
    This has been made clear on the forum. Phoenix won't be allowed to be promoted on this forum. 
    I will let osCommerce Official answer your other questions.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Guest in New management and osCommerce v4   
    I should add the first thing of interest to me in the new version will be URLs and their structure. I think any shopowner with a SEO position to protect would be.
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    Hotclutch reacted to ejsolutions in osCommerce v4 demo   
    For some strange reason, the developers want a 'phone chat in order to even see the demo! (Nobody here hard-of-hearing or deaf?)
    I'm interested in seeing what resources are required to run a small to mid-size store. What is the underlying code like, in terms of tweaks and customisation, to suit client needs? How about just releasing the 'alpha'/'beta' software, so that some of us with a strong osC background can properly see the progress and perhaps even make useful suggestions?
    I've tried out various e-commerce packages in a fruitless attempt to update my few though loyal clients. So far, there's only been one or two "close but no cigar" candidates. There tends to be shortcomings in them all but it's a question of what one can compromise with. Without actually trying the software, there's no real way to tell and no amount of screenshots/YT videos will really get to core issues.
    TLDR: release the code - even if only to a select group.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from osCommerce-Official in osCommerce v4 demo   
    Hi Loic. I think there might be some misunderstanding. I am sure there's a lot of interest in osCommerce's future, even if the forum is very quiet about it. You can continue to post / show what you want.
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    Hotclutch reacted to ruden in Google reCAPTCHA v3   
    Google reCAPTCHA v3
    For all version osCommerce stops bots from spamming account creation and contact us.


    Unzip the archive and upload the files on server.
    In the admin side menu Modules -> Boxes -> button Install Module -> select modules Google reCAPTCHA v3 -> button Install Module


    Go to reCAPTCHA v3 page https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/v3.html and register your store.
    Add Site key and Secret key to module settings.
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product Comparison and Filters   
    Yes, Loyalty Points is a part of osCommerce v4 in this or that way. Will do yet another post soon about it! 
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product Comparison and Filters   
    Yes, totally understood the idea. 
    Usually it would be done by the shop management team in the "back end" but having an automated method to switch between levels would be a nice feature. Will add to the list of features to consider, thanks!
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product Comparison and Filters   
    There doesn't exist an automated method at the moment, although it is an interesting idea indeed!
    It is possible to have multiple price groups, each with certain default discount and other settings. Then products can be made available or not available for a customer group. Product price can be calculated with the default discount or made completely custom for a group (especially useful when integrating with ERP solutions). Certain payment and shipping methods can be enabled or disabled for a customer group.
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product Comparison and Filters   
    Thanks, glad you like it  
    Also, it is possible to use site-wide SEO redirects to "shorten" longer URLs before adding them to newsletters, social media posts, etc 
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product Comparison and Filters   
    Ashley, good question, thanks! 
    All those features are already present and are being used by multiple websites.
    The way it works is as follows:
    1. Products have a thing called Properties. Properties can be of several different type, and are used to describe products in a more structured way than simply product description. It is possible to consider properties as technical specification.
    2. Filters are dynamic and are created based on properties in the current product listing 
    3. Product comparison works off the properties too (and price, stock, description, etc) 
    Please take a look at some examples attached to this post.
    Also this site uses filters on different categories: https://www.drinksdirect.com/ (but not the compare feature)

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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product Reviews   
    Yes, there exists pagination for reviews. 
    Currently they load without the URL being changed, AJAX. 
    Will confirm reg. how to control the number of them being displayed.
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    Hotclutch reacted to PhoenixAter in Payment methods   
    This also could be a KO factor. Not everyone needs 30-40 or more payments methods. At the end, I would say, ~95% are not in use.
    I would say 10 or 15, maybe 20 but not more, most important methods and all others as Add-On's. At Version there are alone 23 methods of Moneybookers, today Skrill. Most of them are only for 1, 2 or 3 European countries. So why should a store e.g. in Singapore have all those methods in the box? I prefer a smaller and clearer , but faster system without to much overload.
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product Reviews   
    It is a good idea indeed, if for a particular product the webmaster could put the old review URL into the "Old URL" field. 
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Perhaps this deserves a dedicated post or even a Forum thread - will work on it!  
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)   
    Ashley, Loïc
    since the new osCommerce v4 is based on YII2, it has the said debugging information available if a corresponding mode is switched on. It looks like this:

    Cache is available for templates, DB queries, etc. We will be posting about the technology in more details in the near future. 
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    OK makes sense. In fact they are called Themes in osCommerce v4 by default (although, it is possible to change it using the built in Translation tool).
    Inside a Theme, there exist multiple page templates. And theme settings, etc. All editable in the back end, all completely separate from the core of course. 
    Also, there exist Widgets, that can be of two types - general (like banner, for example) and page-specific (like product price, for example).
    We would like to encourage osCommerce designers and developers to not only customize existing themes, but create new ones and list them in the future marketplace.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from osCommerce-Official in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)   
    Is there any feature that will display debugging information - no. of queries, query execution time, php errors ?
    Are there any caching features - like for the catergories and / brands ?
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Marketing features   
    Yes! When you change the URL manually for a product, for example, and then Save it, osCommerce v4 adds previous URL to the list of "Old URLs", which is effectively a 301 redirect list.
    Same for categories and content pages,
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Product Reviews   
    Thanks, Ashley, it is work in progress indeed. 
    Will communicate your suggestions to the development team. BTW there also exists a Testimonials Module that does collect information about quality and speed of service, etc.
    @Sergey Dunaev - you may want to check it! 
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    Hotclutch reacted to osCommerce-Official in Requested Features   
    Not to worry! 
    Fresh from the dev install, we can confirm this URL is present in the back end:
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    Hotclutch reacted to sackling in Requested Features   
    Thanks for the reply. I think I understand somewhat of what is planned. I understand it can be hard to reveal all the details of a plan with moving parts.
    One other small feature request that you don't see with many newest ecom platforms is the Who's online feature of the admin panel which allows you to view the customers current activity as well as their current shopping basket. Are there plans to refresh that or at least keep it intact?