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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Fredi in New management and osCommerce v4   
    At the end of day, you can not place any expectation on free software. The previous management also made promises and never delivered many times. This never bothered me personally.
    For me the best part of osCommerce has been, not so much the fact that it is free software, but the lean core package, and the treasure chest of addons that could be used to build a shop exactly the way you want it. 
    Wrt to the new owners, i can only assume that they have changed their minds about making a release at all. How do you go from announcing a release 3-4 weeks away, to absolutely no feedback months later.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Demitry in Updating to PHP8   
    Sorry, false alarm. The DOB problem is specific to one of my sites. Tested on a stock installation and cannot replicate the problem there.
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    Hotclutch reacted to Demitry in Updating to PHP8   
    Just wrap that in...
    if (is_array($customers_dob) && isset($customers_dob)) {
    Try it without the is_array() function.
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    Hotclutch reacted to nemike in Help capturing data sent to Paypal   
    Actually I found the code and fixed it and now all transactions that were failing are now working, for anyone else on old code like me here is the fix:
    edit includes/modules/payment/paypal.php
    inside the function "formFields"
    add a line after:
            $item_number = '';
            for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($order->products); $i++) $item_number .= ' '.$order->products[$i]['name'].' ,';
            $item_number = substr_replace($item_number,'',-2);
    This is the new line to add after:
            if( strlen($item_number) > 127 ) { $item_number = substr($item_number, 0, 124) . "..."; }
    That fixes the problem.
    Hope this helps someone.
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    Hotclutch reacted to Demitry in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    Try this for the first one.
    switch (isset($_GET['install'])) {
    switch ((isset($_GET['install']) ? $_GET['install'] : null)) {
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    Hotclutch reacted to Smoky Barnable in KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support   
    For those of you who would like to use this addon with PHP 8 the following change cleared this fatal error.
    In the image.php file, change:
    $trnprt_color = @imagecolorsforindex ( $this->_image, $trnprt_indx ); to:
    if ($trnprt_indx < imagecolorstotal($this->_image)){ $trnprt_color = imagecolorsforindex ( $this->_image, $trnprt_indx ); }  
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from ejsolutions in Vanilla osCommerce   
    I installed WooCommerce once and hated it, for its slowness, among other things. osCommerce has never had a problem with speed, even the outdated official versions. Speed usually goes out the window when webmasters start loading their big pics and poorly performing addons onto the core package. This will be the same with Vanilla osCommerce.
    If you take the time to install the package you will see that there are no pre-populated modules. The same modules that come with osCommerce are there, apart from the one or two changes like recently viewed etc.
    I would say this is a decent option for people to start from, or to migrate their out of date stores to. My first question was will SEO URLs work with this Vanilla osCommerce. I did manage to install FWR's USU5 onto it, albeit with some errors. Not sure how critical these errors are, but the test installation i have does run with it. 
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    Hotclutch reacted to ejsolutions in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    Brilliant effort!
    One item stands out that really should've been a core inclusion, is an HTML editor for descriptions, IMHumbleO. Something like CKEditor, depending on suitability with jquery, PHP7/8 etc.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from bonbec in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    The admin is now largely complete. Only 1/2 pages remain to be worked on. All the old tables have been replaced with responsive tables which will scale to the device size. The implementation will be satisfactory to view on medium sized devices and up. An alternative implementation that caters for all screen sizes is possible but then you have to resort to hiding/removing content for small devices. The osCommerce core code and functionality remains exactly the same.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    Admin Specials is complete.

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    Hotclutch reacted to Demitry in Updating to PHP8   
    You can add
     isset($entry_zone_id) && 
    to line 168 and line 181, as in,...
    if (isset($entry_zone_id) && $entry_zone_id > 0) 
    That should get rid of the error, but you still need to test the functionality to make sure it works with this change. I'm not sure why it's throwing this error.
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    Hotclutch reacted to Demitry in Updating to PHP8   
    if ( is_array($color_asked) && count($color_asked) == 3 ) { 
    if ( is_countable($color_asked) && count($color_asked) == 3 ) { 
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    Product Page Layout adjusted.

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    Hotclutch reacted to Smoky Barnable in Updating to PHP8   
    if ($this->contents[$key]['qty'] < 1) { to:
    if (isset($this->contents[$key]['qty']) < 1) {  
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    Hotclutch reacted to Smoky Barnable in Updating to PHP8   
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    Modal complete.
    The theme is now nearly complete. I think I have done enough to make this usable on php7.4; Cannot be used on php8 yet.

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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    I use Bootstrap 5 for the responsive grid because it is superior to the grid of W3.CSS
    In template_top.php you will find:
    <div id="bodyContent" class="col-md-<?php echo $oscTemplate->getGridContentWidth(); ?> order-first order-md-2"> In template_bottom.php you will find:
    <?php if ($oscTemplate->hasBlocks('boxes_column_left')) { ?> <div id="columnLeft" class="col-md-<?php echo $oscTemplate->getGridColumnWidth(); ?>"> <?php echo $oscTemplate->getBlocks('boxes_column_left'); ?> </div> <?php } if ($oscTemplate->hasBlocks('boxes_column_right')) { ?> <div id="columnRight" class="col-md-<?php echo $oscTemplate->getGridColumnWidth(); ?> order-last"> <?php echo $oscTemplate->getBlocks('boxes_column_right'); ?> </div> <?php } ?> Then in includes/classes/osc_template.php:
    var $_grid_content_width = 6; and
    function getGridColumnWidth() { return 3; } These settings control the project layout. No changes to the database are made. I imagine that the way it is setup now would suit most installations. In Admin, you can still turn on/off boxes, or move them left/right. By doing so you could have a 1,2 or 3 column layout without having to edit code.
    If anyone has installed the package from when I have made it available, i have updated it with some progress. You should be able to overwrite the files (minus the configure and htaccess files) to see the changes.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in W3 osCommerce WIP   
    If anybody wants to have a look and share their thoughts, above is the download link. It's only a start for now.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from bonbec in W3 osCommerce WIP   
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Guest in New management and osCommerce v4   
    But your immediate problem is outdated code right? The forks have corrected this, some being php7 compatible, others php8. Some forks are to be avoided IMO, they are on an aimless development path, doomed to failure. Also the work required to patch old osCommerce versions now has become too much, and even then you're left without a responsive osCommerce.
    You can have a look at these 2 threads:
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    Hotclutch reacted to Demitry in Updating to PHP8   
    Here is that function from Zombie Phoenix v1.0.8.0  (not v1.0.8.3 as I had posted prior):
    function tep_session_is_registered($variable) { trigger_error('The tep_session_is_registered function has been deprecated.', E_USER_DEPRECATED); return isset($_SESSION) && array_key_exists($variable, $_SESSION); } ...though I don't think this has anything to do with migrating to PHP8.0
    array_key_exists() is not part of the deprecated functions in PHP8.0. See links below.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Jack_mcs in osCommerce v4 demo   
    Maybe he browses logged out, I do that sometimes. But it is a poor start, the indication was 3-4 weeks and that was 2 months ago. I hope Vadym can come back and give a new indication even if its not a fixed date.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    Phoenix and the community editions never cared about compatibility with SEO URLs. If I were you I would stay on my working shop and wait for the release of V4, even though there is no confirmed release date and no one knows if it will be production ready when released. But at least from the information shared there will be a built in migration path for URLs. Or you can commit SEO suicide and abandon SEO URLs to continue on with Phoenix.
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    Hotclutch got a reaction from annuity in Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer   
    See the 4th shop on this page:
    The new osCommerce menu appears to function like this.
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    Hotclutch reacted to mediarays in Next osCommerce v4 demo   
    I am a member on this forum since 2003 and my first online ecommerce script it oscommerce. Long live Oscommerce