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  1. That's how osCommerce is. You're going to have to edit the category, manufacturer and product title pages, and any other pages, if you want a homepage title that is different to store name defined in admin.
  2. Hotclutch

    Product Options/Attributes

    yeah, the short answer to this question is that it can't be done, without creating a mess with CSS. The better solution would be to redefine the layout for modules in the product_info.php.
  3. Store name is a configuration variable defined in the Admin -> Configuration -> My Store -> Store name The title of the home page is defined in includes/english.php // page title define('TITLE', STORE_NAME);
  4. Here is the support thread for USU5, but the original author is no longer active on the forum: The original author's code: https://apps.oscommerce.com/5GV7s&ultimate-seo-urls-5-pro There's also another updated version by another community member here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Hj4y0&ultimate-seo-urls-5-for-responsive-oscom Here is Chemo's support thread: Chemo's ultimate SEO URLS is here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/36rDo&ultimate-seo-urls Not sure if there may be another version people use.
  5. There's always been only 1 way - Chemo's ultimate SEO URLs, and SEO URLS 5 by FWR Media.
  6. Fundamental problems need to be fixed first. I don't think anybody with a commercial interest or who lacks the ability to get along with others should be allowed as moderators.
  7. The wording of this poll question and the options reveal the true intention. I won't vote and be part of it. Also why propose something that can't be implemented.
  8. It's safe to assume that your problem lies here.
  9. "Constructive" feedback is subjective and can be perceived to be offensive, arrogant or pompous. If i thought my comments were offending the person who made a contribution, i would probably keep my next thoughts to myself, even if i thought the code was cr@p.
  10. People leave their feedback wrt to addons in the support thread as it is now, so this whole thread is a non issue as far as i am concerned. If you're going to implement a feedback system, the appropriate place would be at the "point of sale" or marketplace.
  11. It's just an aggregate. The number of votes are not even indicated to users. So it's basically meaningless. A custom plugin will be required with Admin rights to implement it.
  12. If you want the map to line up with the inputs, you can try: <div class="form-group row"> <div class="col-sm-9 ml-auto"> put the iframe stuff here </div> </div> The from-group class will also put some space between the map and the button.
  13. Also unnecessary. Forums are about information exchange, so there's no need to make a proposal for the obvious. This was started a few days ago by someone, and a few people have jumped onto his bandwagon. Suspect it won't end, until the target is driven off the forum. Seen the MO many times here before.
  14. Hotclutch

    CSS Button Control file

    You have 2 classes here: class="single_add_to_cart_button button " So what is class="button" and class="single_add_to_cart_button" defined as? Replace that with btn btn-primary if you're using bootstrap.
  15. Trying to change button colours by editing user.css is not the best way to go. Bootstrap CSS is complex for the average user, and you need to make a lot of changes in a lot of places to pull it off, which have not been mentioned here BTW. Since you were trying to change the button colour to blue (#395c82), the simplest way is to use a class already defined, btn-primary. After that, it is better to define a custom button class and use it where you want to. Then you can still use the btn-success class if needed.
  16. That code has been removed from the CE edition. The older osC used to display the category and manufacturer images. So you can look back at an older version and try to make it work.
  17. Hotclutch

    Serve images in next-gen formats

    it's html_output.php in includes/functions/ tep_image does not resize images, it only adds width and height parameters to the image tag. It does not serve a scaled version of the image to the browser, which is the best way to do it.
  18. Hotclutch

    Product Options/Attributes

    The notion of not wanting to edit "stock" files is ridiculous. The CE is not a product that allows for this. There's a difference between a core file and a template file. Users should be encouraged to change template files instead of dumping everything into a user.css, which loads on every page. Totally inefficient, besides the fact that you're now adding redundant layers of CSS, duplicating the bootstrap CSS.
  19. Hotclutch

    Product Options/Attributes

    Try using class="ml-auto" instead of doing this.
  20. Hotclutch

    Navbar Layout

    Since the theme is bootstrap, most or all inputs have class="form-control", which is width: 100% you can set a width eg. adding style="width: 5rem", but this is not recommended, there are other ways of controlling the size after considering all views (mobile, tablets, pcs, etc.)
  21. Hotclutch

    Navbar Layout

    It's not clear what you are asking, but you can change the basic order of the navbar modules. Look in admin - modules - navbar modules, then edit any one of them. You will see that you can change the order and the position from left to right side.
  22. Hotclutch

    Product Name & Price Size Change

    it won't if you do it that way. Get rid of class="display-4" and try <h1 class="h3">Samsung Galaxy Tab</h1> or <h1 class="h4">Samsung Galaxy Tab</h1>
  23. A calendar is never going to be fully responsive, but it's probably better to present one on it's own page rather than a modal. The layout already breaks at resolution of 990.
  24. Hotclutch

    Product Name & Price Size Change

    all you need to do is specify class="h3" or class="h4", because that is defined in the bootstrap css.