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  1. Have a look at this contribution of mine:

    I have done all the work for someone in your position with an old osCommerce. You could migrate your shop to this relatively easy and still be familiar with the product. You would have a responsive framework and up to date code. You can use this as a stepping stone if you later wish to go onto V4.


  2. There are capable hosting companies in SA, do some research. It may also be better for SEO if your server is located in your geographic region. Shared hosting you can get from about R100pm on a monthly basis.

    SEO does not depend on the underlying script. The principles of optimisation are the same whether you're using osCommerce, Wordpress, or anything else. My advice is to read the Google SEO starter guide, it's evolved into quite a document now. And beware of SEO myths, including on this forum.

    V4 will be responsive, and have the SEO tools to configure meta tags and do the basic things. The downside of V4, IMO, will be the steep learning curve.


  3. 7 minutes ago, ArtcoInc said:

    @Soeb In, there is a file in the root (catalog) directory called stylesheet.css. I strongly suggest that you leave this file alone. Instead ...

    Create a new file in the same directory called user.css. In this file, add all of the CSS changes you want to make. Then, in /includes/template_top.php, add a call to load the new user.css file AFTER the call to load stylesheet.css.


    Honestly, modifying stylesheet.css directly is perfectly fine. It was the way of osCommerce, before the guidances of the community edition set in.

  4. 8 hours ago, Soeb said:

    Thank you sir,

    I just want to re-design the website as it is.
    Please tell me, to change design which files will be affected. in which files i have to work?

    If you ask more specific questions, maybe we will be able to help you. Otherwise the scope of your question is too big.

    In general if you want to use V2 osCommerce today, you have to use one of it's forks. I have already pointed out one. Vanilla osCommerce is another one to be found on this forum. Phoenix is another to be found on their own forum. Alternatively wait for the release of the official V4 osCommerce.

  5. 4 hours ago, oceanlee said:

    Hi I am trying to get hold of Ashley/Hotclutch. I am a newbie from Johannesburg although my site has been up for over 10 years,this is the first time I have posted but have been looking for someone who can give me some advice on OS Commerce in South Africa. As you can see I don't even know how to link to someone on this forum and am hoping you might see this comment. I can be emailed on info@xpressmedia.co.za

    I am here. Feel free to ask for advice on the open forum. I will reply if I have anything of value to add.

    PS: In a new thread.

  6. 13 minutes ago, RAC said:

    Is it possible to update this version


    13 minutes ago, RAC said:

    if so are there a list of instructions to follow?

    No, there is no complete list anywhere, I am pretty sure.

    14 minutes ago, RAC said:

    Or do I just need to follow what you have done?

    If you want to stay on Frozen and just do php updates, then the best way to go about that would be to look at the W3 osCommerce work that I have done and/or Vanilla osCommerce, and make the required changes to your shop. Bear in mind that this task will be a lot of work and that this thread is not a complete list of updates required.