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    Recently Viewed Products

    On the product page, products appear below the product description, but there is no heading suggesting what they are. They appear to be recently viewed products. How do you turn this off from the product page, or how can you add a heading to the recently viewed module?
  2. Hotclutch


    The breadcrumb I just added to the Login page duplicated onto the product page. Not sure why that would be if you're only working on the Login page, but then I went to edit the widget properties again, and excluded it from the product page.
  3. Hotclutch


    To add breadcrumbs (or any other widget), you first need to add a block element, which is also a widget. First you need to select the theme to edit (customise). You will have to do this for both themes, desktop and mobile. After selecting the theme to customise, you need to click on the pages tab, and select the page that you want to add breadcrumbs to. Again, you will have to follow this process for every page where you want breadcrumbs to appear. Next you need to hover in the design area until you see the option "Add Widget" appear. You will notice that there are blue and green options. The blue appears to be for block elements, while green appears to be for widgets within a block element. So be sure to select on blue for a new block element. After clicking to add a new block, I notice that there is quite a time lag until when it appears on the screen. A good 30 - 60s or so. It may cause you to think that nothing was added. After the block element is created you will be able to move it into the page position that you want by clicking on the move icon and dragging it into place. My first step after creating the block element was to select the type of block. I chose Site content width, but you will see the other options that available here: Click save and continue. Now you are able to add the breadcrumb widget into the block element. Here is the result.
  4. Hotclutch

    Widget Names

    Where is the source code for Widgets located, if you wanted to create new ones?
  5. Hotclutch

    Language Definitions

    Where are Language Definitions stored - in file or database? Where do you go to change them?
  6. Hotclutch

    Language Definitions

    Language Definitions are stored in the database and they can be edited from the ACP under Translations.
  7. Hotclutch

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    You can place it in a folder called shop / anything else, but on the first step where it prompts for a location you should leave it as /
  8. Hotclutch

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Did you install into folder and what is it called? On the first step of the installation where it prompts you to enter the location of the installation, what did you enter there, or did you leave it as is and continue?
  9. Hotclutch

    Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer

    Yes, I thought so, but thanks for clarifying.
  10. Hotclutch


    Must be something I am missing, as it does not appear on the frontend. I will carry on tomorrow again.
  11. Hotclutch

    Error. Can't save config file.

    Its located in the same folders as V2 osC, in includes/ Its complaining about database access, so you might want to check those credentials.
  12. Hotclutch

    Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer

    Is it possible to replace the responsive grid that is being used, and use another framework? Can this be done from within the design console? I see each theme consists of a desktop and mobile theme.
  13. Hotclutch

    Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer

    I am disappointed with the theming capability. I don't believe this is true separation of HTML from code. Some people will be able to build themes with this, but it's not the way I would have liked to develop a theme with full control of the page HTML. Sorry to be over critical at this point of the release, but I also think the average user will have difficulty producing a theme, which means they will have to make do with one of the 2 themes provided or wait for ready to use themes to become available.
  14. Hotclutch

    Upgrading to the latest version

    No there is no easy way. If you want to stay on the V2 path, then see Fred's post above yours.
  15. Hotclutch

    Installation osCommerce v4 Beta 2 - No Admin Page

    I did the installation now on my shared hosting account running php 8.0.15. There were no issues at all, other than a 404 notice on the last step, but then when you click complete, the Admin and the 2 demo shops are accessible. Tip: If you have copied the installation zip package into a folder called, lets say test, on the 2nd or 3rd step it prompts you to enter the install location. Do not put /test here, leave it as / Other than the step requiring you to configure the sales channels, there's no difference in installation between this and V2.
  16. Hotclutch

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Ok, thank you for the reply.
  17. Hotclutch

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Whats the point of this banner? You have announced the release of Beta 2 already, so what is it that people should expect as coming soon? Is the new way of getting osCommerce going to be via the contact form or will it be available to download as before?
  18. Hotclutch

    customer cannot log in

    Add to cart is not working from the product page, works from product listing (index.php).
  19. Hotclutch

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    I find the alert helps, otherwise the customer does not have a clue whats going on. The best option is for the code to be modified, but that's beyond me for the moment. I don't want to be making changes there at the risk of losing the effectiveness of the Captcha.
  20. Hotclutch

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/v3 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54437745/recaptcha-v3-how-to-deal-with-expired-token-after-idle I have supertracker installed, so observe customers sometime struggle with this. The token expires and when they click submit it just redirects to index, confusing the user. The contact form does not seem to be a problem, at least for my site. I put an informational alert on the registration page informing users of this 2 minute interval they have to complete the form.
  21. Hotclutch

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    This 2 minute window is a problem, its too short. 3 mins ought to be sufficient, but if the account is not created there should be a message stack informing the user.
  22. When i click on the link you gave first, it redirects to https://www.store.workshopsupply.com/401.shtml You need to determine where that redirect is coming from, cannot say from here.
  23. Is index.php there in the admin folder ?
  24. You may want to rename your admin folder now since its comprised anyway.
  25. https://store.workshopsupply.com/catalogue/admin_fprre4k2y33 This link works for me in that it asks for credentials. You may have to clear cache if there is a persistent redirect.