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  1. Hotclutch

    Domain change, SEO and new oscommerce site version

    If you have any external links of value you will need to keep the old domain (as a parked domain) indefinitely. Otherwise you just need to wait for Google to crawl out the old site completely, this could take a few months to few years - this is because Google attaches a low priority to old junk URLs such as 404s and will only crawl these once a year or less. ^^ With that said, you might want to consider using a redirect at all. If you don't have much of a SEO position to protect, then this is a good opportunity to get rid of these old junk URLs like 404s, because with the redirect in place these will also be transferred.
  2. Hotclutch

    where can i go to learn

    The best documentation for bootstrap is found on the official bootstrap site itself. https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.3/getting-started/introduction/ There are other useful sites to learn from like W3schools: https://www.w3schools.com/
  3. Hotclutch

    Domain change, SEO and new oscommerce site version

    The new domain will be considered a new site. If you own both domains then you can implement a 301 redirect of the old domain to the new, that will preserve most of the value built up by the old domain and transfer it onto the new domain. fixed.
  4. Hotclutch

    Stop Google adding bogus names

    It's not Google, you're being spammed.
  5. Hotclutch

    Stop Google adding bogus names

    Google does not do this. If there is something appearing in Google results that you don't like, then it's your script generating it, and it must be fixed.
  6. Hotclutch

    Admin page not logging secure, not displaying correct

    sounds like your site is running in https when it was not before, you will have to search the forum to setup your configure files correctly.
  7. Hotclutch

    Security checks gone

    It was always difficult to give support to template shops in the past, even harder now. Who knows what your code base looks like.
  8. I think code was introduced (unknowingly) that used cpath instead of the proper cPath, and subsequently removed / deactivated, that's why a search reveals nothing. Could have been anything like a poorly coded HT module that caused this.
  9. i suggest that you don't add cpath as a parameter for google to ignore. It's better to let google crawl all those URLs and redirect to the proper format.
  10. The point i am trying to make is that you have both cpath and cPath in your indexed URLs, and this is not normal. Maybe you had it before you installed SEO URLs - i don't know - core osCommerce does not do that. Maybe you installed something else that introduced that paramter cpath.
  11. inurl:cpath site:www._____.com.au
  12. These are not garbage URLs if they are being crawled by googlebot or MSN. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed, because it's a generator of duplicate content. And once it's there it takes forever to clean up. I don't use this addon, but i would advise not to install it if this is the case. If anyone is interested, they could throw a few of the versions onto a test store to try and determine when this behaviour was introduced.
  13. This problem can be replicated with all your category URLs at least. It may only be the one that is reported, but the question is how did google come to discover it. Did you search the addon files for the occurrence of cpath?
  14. Happens on other sites with this addon. In the meantime, don't add anything to htaccess while you wait for reply.
  15. It returns 301, you can use an online tool to check: http://tools.seobook.com/server-header-checker/ I checked this behaviour on a USU5 site, and with cpath it redirects to the homepage. I don't know what it is supposed to be with this addon.