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  1. Phoenix and the community editions never cared about compatibility with SEO URLs. If I were you I would stay on my working shop and wait for the release of V4, even though there is no confirmed release date and no one knows if it will be production ready when released. But at least from the information shared there will be a built in migration path for URLs. Or you can commit SEO suicide and abandon SEO URLs to continue on with Phoenix.
  2. Hotclutch

    Upgrading from osCommerce 2.2-MS2

    There's a price to pay for not doing maintenance to your shop for so long, either literally by hiring someone to do a migration for you, or in the form of your own hard work to search out the fixes required to update your files. It depends on your level as webmaster, but in general it won't be easy. Yes.
  3. Hotclutch

    PHP 8.0 Upgrade to boxes.php class

    class tableBox { var $table_border = '0'; var $table_width = '100%'; var $table_cellspacing = '0'; var $table_cellpadding = '2'; var $table_parameters = ''; var $table_row_parameters = ''; var $table_data_parameters = ''; // class constructor function __construct($contents, $direct_output = false) {
  4. Hotclutch

    Thank You

    Thank you Harald, for your contribution. And good luck for your future endeavours.
  5. Hotclutch

    page not safe

    The 2nd picture suggests that you have css files not loading ... somewhere http must be made https, probably configure files.
  6. post your tep_draw_button code.
  7. When you tried this, what was the html output in view source code ?
  8. I just checked the original tep_draw_button function and it does have this already: if ( isset($params['newwindow']) ) { $button .= ' target="_blank"'; } so if you do want to open a new window you should not have to do any additional coding.
  9. That error has to do with this line of code: $button .= ' type="' . tep_output_string($params['type']) . '"'; not the part with target="_blank"
  10. Have you tried target="_blank" for parameters ?
  11. Hotclutch

    Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer

    See the 4th shop on this page: https://sites.oscommerce.com/ The new osCommerce menu appears to function like this.
  12. Hotclutch

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    I see the demo page has been taken down. https://demo.oscommerce.com/ And the osCommerce Live Sites page looks different. https://sites.oscommerce.com/
  13. Hotclutch

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    If my math is correct, 2-9 July. Let's see what happens 😁
  14. Hotclutch

    Gift vouchers

    See the first post in this thread: How much work would be required to migrate from the 2 series to V4 remains to be seen, because not much has been revealed about the code or new database structure in V4. I think Vadym (osCommerce-official) did mention that there would be an upgrade script, but this would presumably be for a stock installation of osC 2.
  15. what's the problem again ?