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  1. Hotclutch

    Please Review my Website - comments are welcome

    It's ok if the OP wants sliders Actually the most disturbing thing was the price of that jigsaw - did not want to say at first - glad that's been clarified.
  2. Hotclutch

    Please Review my Website - comments are welcome

    Congratulations on what you have achieved thus far. I have to agree with the above poster, i think the sliders are a bit too much. On the large screen and xl screens the left column content appears squashed.
  3. it's very difficult to plan layout this way with the way osCommerce is now. The reason the image falls below the description is because of the sort order you have set on the product_info modules, and everything goes into a single row. It's very limiting. BS3 uses push pull classes which are now deprecated in BS4 where ordering is easier. I don't remember if you can do push/pull for different breakpoints eg. push-sm-*, but that's probably your only options.
  4. ^^Bootstrap has lots of utilities for this - even more so now with BS4. You can give us an example of what layout you mean, or if you mean the above layout, then how do you want it to look on a small screen?
  5. The core code needs to be improved. Just like there is an option to have a 1/2/3 column layout overall, so there can be an option to have 1/2/3 columns on the product page. Then for each product_info module, there will be a configurable option of which column you want to insert the module into.
  6. Hotclutch

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Nowhere does it say in your article that URLs are no longer a ranking factor. Besides being a ranking factor or not, there are technical reasons to install this addon, besides the common sense reason of wanting human readable URLs. This addon won't bring you traffic, just like "breadcrumb schema baked into the core" won't bring you traffic. We all know what brings traffic.
  7. It's not necessary to put down so much markup. eg if you want to change the breadcrumb background color, only put this down in your user.css .breadcrumb { background-color: black } or .breadcrumb { background-color: black; color: white } above changes the background color and font color. Also try to keep the Bootstrap classes, and define new classes for custom requirements. eg. If you want to change an alert-info, don't change the styling of alert-info, rather define a new class like this: <div class="alert alert-custom" role="alert">This is a test alert</div> then add to your CSS .alert-custom { color: #004085; background-color: #cce5ff; border-color: #b8daff } and better still, if you want to optimize, inline the style on the page(s) required, like this in the header: <style> .alert-custom { color: #004085; background-color: #cce5ff; border-color: #b8daff } </style>
  8. That may be, but i want my installation to be the way i want it to be now - and there's no guarantee if/when anything will be released here. I won't be upgrading to such an update if it comes out.
  9. It took me approximately 2 or 3 days, no more. But i have experience bootstrapping other projects like forum software that i use as well. osCommerce really is a small project in comparison. The addons that i use, not many, i convert likewise. What makes osCommerce difficult to convert is that in some places the HTML is still inter-twined with the code - even in the community edition.
  10. I have been running BS4 on osCommerce for a while now. I said before the difference between 3 and 4 is huge. Alignment issues that we had with BS3 are just no more - thanks to the flex system. No need for equal height scripts, and so much more.
  11. Hotclutch

    Image Cache Busting and CDNs

    How often do you need to do this though? "Cache busting" - whatever that entails really is not desirable. You can set shorter periods for expiration dates on images, if you have this configured, but again too short would not be desirable.
  12. Personally I don't think the create account page as it stands is that bad - the only difference between osC and those other ones is the size and location of the asterisk ? And i have never been keen on guest checkout type mods.
  13. Hotclutch

    JQuery 3.0.0+

    You are not going to get much help here with an old version of oscommerce like that. You should upgrade, which then comes with the newer versions of jquery.
  14. Line 154 of product_listing.php $prod_list_contents .= ' <p class="text-center" itemprop="description">' . strip_tags($listing['products_description'], '<br>') . '&hellip;</p><div class="clearfix"></div>';