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  1. Hello Everyone, Easy Populate has been working great for us, however we have a question. For our store we have always used the "product name" as the unique identifier and the "product model" as an extra field to place a brief description. Unfortunately easy populate is designed to work the opposite way. Is there any possibility that we can make the product name the required unique identifier instead of the model?
  2. Unfortunately almost all of our products have a "/" in their name. Is there any particular code we can modify to simply fix the problem, or is excluding the file the only option. We don't want to exclude the file, we only want to know what codes need to be changed as you suggested. We wouldn't know where to begin with actually modifying the site. We assume it would be a modification to the search tool itself. Security Pro seems to be helping a lot and is a very useful add-on, although its difficult to justify its use when so many customers search queries contain "/" and no results show. Again we certainly do appreciate any help that you may offer, Thank you.
  3. Is it possible to change the search query "/" to a blank space. I found that if a search is made like "product/ab" aka "product%2Fab" it will not show the product, if you search for "product ab" aka "product+ab" it returns the correct product with its name of "product/ab". Other than excluding the search results page would this make sense to adjust? Is there another way? I understand the need to not weaken the security, although I've been unable to locate any modification to the code like suggested. Thanks in advance, appreciate any help.
  4. normanlamps

    Payment Module Expiration Month

    Any suggestions? I can't seem to find anything in any language file
  5. normanlamps

    Payment Module Expiration Month

    Hello Everyone, I have a quick question hopefully someone knows the answer. On the CC Payment Module there is a standard expiration drop down menu with the months in text only ie. "October" How can I make it so the months are the names and the numbers ie. "October (10)" I appreciate any help with this.