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  1. azbrat3

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Never mind, I fixed it. In catalog/admin/create_xml_sitemaps.php The line of code: fwrite($fh, utf8_encode('<url><loc>' . smspecialchars($fPath . $files[$b]['path']) . '</loc><lastmod>' . $files[$b]['modified'] . '</lastmod></url>'."\n")); changed it to fwrite($fh, utf8_encode('<url><loc>' . tep_href_link($files[$b]['path'],'','NONSSL',false) . '</loc><lastmod>' . $files[$b]['modified'] . '</lastmod></url>'."\n"));
  2. azbrat3

    Dynamic SiteMap

    I did a fresh install of Dynamic Sitemap v 3.5.6, everything looks good. Site submits successfully! Only problem I am getting is lastmod not writing to http://castbakery.com/catalog/smmain.xml. In Webmaster tools, Google is returning Status Warnings: Total URLs in Sitemap: 31 for that file. Invalid date: An invalid date was found. Please fix the date or formatting before resubmitting. I've double checked the install, but I can't find anything I did wrong with it. I'm not sure if its a coding issue with the latest version.