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  1. Hi. Having a small problem with Product Tabs. Everyrhting works fine in Firefox, but when viewed in IE only the 1st tab shows and when other tabs are selected they will not show a link to a test site is here http://www.ciavash.com/test/buystone/produ...products_id=591 I would really appreciate some help, looked on forums for a similar problem but as yet failed to find one Thanks Mark
  2. markdickinson

    [Contribution] Protx Direct v5 Support Thread

    Hi read the above thread, and i'm having the exact same problem and receive the exact same error when disabling javascript in firefox. could you please post the fix to the problem? really appreciate it Many Thanks
  3. markdickinson

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi I've looked thorugh this forum and failed to find an answer - please can someone help!!! All i want to do is change the quantity text box to a dropdown and for the default values in each box to be zero? I've experimented myself and have so far failed to find the answer Really appreciate any help Thanks
  4. markdickinson

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hi I have installed a "product quantity dropdown" on my product_info.php. I need also to install a suitable Quantity Price Break solution aswell. But instead of having a chart on the page stating the various price changes that vary with quantity, I want the displayed price to change when a customer selects a new quantity. e.g. quantity 1, price displayed £10 quantity 2, price displayed £19 quantity 3, price displayed £28 Anyone done anything similar using Javascript or AJAX? I appreciate any help