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  1. kenm

    CCBill Gateway Module

    I PM'd you back. I asked them to set as a dynamic account.. I better contact them again, lol.
  2. kenm

    CCBill Gateway Module

    Has anyone else tried implementing this?
  3. kenm

    CCBill Gateway Module

    Hey there. I have installed the CCbill module and gotten approval from CCbill. Jake, how should the check out process now work? Should check out work like normal where the price that is displayed in the cart updates "dynamically" to the CCbill form that pressing "confirm order" in Oscommerce takes you to? When I click "confirm order", it either does one of 2 things: 1.) if i have a price added in ccbill's admin in displays that price only or 2.) if I remove any price in ccbill's admin the message I get is "no price option added" or something similar. I really appreciate the help.. and if I can help anyone in the process feel free to contact me. Ken