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  1. The robots are coming! Ive updated the contact us.php yet it still gives me an invalid registration code however people are signing up to the site through new users ok i had 'contact us' turned off but have had the first robot contact today. I live in fear they know where i live
  2. Length of Validation Code. 5 Width of validation image 260 Height of validation image 50 Horizontal spacing between code characters 5 Vertical character spacing for validation image 5
  3. doh for characters going off page Adjust Vertical Spacing in Config - Anti Robot
  4. thanks spook for input i upgraded to 2.9 and I still cant use the 'contact us' form I turned it off for now but Im scared of the robots!!! ive had to be vigilant in the past and deny IPs on a regular basis (using an unsecured guestbook) 'register' works fine but I now also have characters going off page and non alphanumeric as well http://hoss.com.au/catalog/
  5. update it works on register new account but not on contact us
  6. Ive installed 8.7 and upgraded to 8.2 and it looks right it just wont work it keeps saying "invalid registration code"