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    Stock control contrib

    Ive been trying to adjust the way my stock is controlled with poor results. I ideally need to remove differing amounts of stock per sale by the attributes that are selected for that product. currently I have "add weights to attributes" working on my shop which allows an actual packing weight to be given per attribute and added up to total the parcel weight I need to remove not one but differing amounts from stock as products are sold by weight which is selected from the options of attributes. a product could be sold as 200g or 1kg (the attribute set for that product) but currently one is always removed from stock. Can anyone please give me a starting point as to how stock is currently removed and which files are associated with it. I am thinking that using the "add weight to attributes" contrib as a starting point to modify we could add a "stock" value box to attributes which would then replace the value 1 which is removed from stock now. Im picking up PHP at a fast pace but need assistance where to start. PLEASE can someone give me some ideas how they would handle this issue?
  2. cooperman435

    want one single item with no shipping charges

    what shipping method do you currently use? There are a few ways to do it depending
  3. cooperman435

    Stock control contrib

    We have gotten a little further with this contrib now but due to our combined lack of full PHP understanding were not entirely sure where to make the next step, if anyone with a better grasp would please input some wisdom we would really appreciate it now? We have successfully now added our new section for attributes along with its DB entry which is like the existing weight attribute in the PRODUCTS under stock435 we believe the actual point where the stock is removed is run through the checkout_process.php file (but please correct us if wrong) in this file is a section which deals with stock removal at the point of checkout and if the - symbol is changed for + stock is now added, change it to * and stock is multiplied by the quantity purchased, also replacing the reference to stock quantity with a set amount (99) for example and this quantity is removed, added or multiplied when checking out. We are hoping that simply referencing the new DB entry as a quantity to multiply the quantity of items being purchased by will result in the desired effect but Im told we are also struggling because we must first reference the DB entry? Also as ideally the stock checking system will still ensure stock is available before purchase we are considering that this additional code may have to be entered earlier in the checkout or cart filling procedure as well as in the checkout or instead of. If anyone could please say if they would have a better idea than us about this actual part of OsCommerce we would really appreciate it please.
  4. Support and comments thread for my new contribution, "Add New Pages to Information Box" Feels nice to put something back in the pot regardless of how small it is :-) Hope this is of help to people
  5. cooperman435

    Stock control contrib

    mucho apreciato Its a start! were about to work on the actual addon now :-) I assume it wants to be changed to stock left = $Qstock->valueint x (value we give to attribute) ?
  6. cooperman435

    add weight to product attribute problem

    I cant exactly help but there is a page here saying u need to change either a file or the DB to fix this, pm me and Ill link it when I find it. Phill
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    Paypal Forces Address onto packing slip

    Bump Bump Bump This is still a problem and seems like more than a few from the Pms I got, Can anyone please cast an idea towards us all please?
  8. cooperman435

    Paypal Forces Address onto packing slip

    I'm using PayPal Express as the main payment module on my shop and am occasionally getting issues that the paypal address does not tie up with the address the customer chose to have the parcel sent to. The main issue with this is that if customers wish to collect in person but pre order their goods and pay with PayPal then they simply set their county to "collect in person" a selectable country I added to allow essentially free postage and unlimited weight in their parcels. However using PayPal it resorts back to their country of origin that is selected in PayPal. Any ideas how I can make OsCommerse ignore paypal addresses and stick tot he customers imputed address?
  9. cooperman435

    Subcategories not showing up

    I believe in your case that he subcategories should be shown in the main window only? if you click on the main category do the sub categories then show in the side bar on the website? I'm trying currently to get subcategories to show in the main window all the time. If there are products in the category also, the subcategories disappear and show only on the side bar and are missed by everyone.
  10. cooperman435

    seting free postage on a payment type

    I have altered Cash on delivery to Cash on collection as some of my customers collect in person after ordering. I however cannot find any information on how to set Ocommerce to give free postage on this payment type as there is no charge for collection in person obviously I have gotten round it by setting up a new country called collection and setting postage to there as free but it means someone has to alter their adress if they are collecting and this is messy. Many thanks in advance Phill
  11. cooperman435

    Limitation for Zone Shipping Table's Data

    OK we have found the config table but there are 6 entries none of them listed as field limit and all set as 255! We don't know if its one of these or all or none that need changing to the increased limit? They are: configuration_title configuration_key configuration_value configuration_description use_function set_function Please if anyone has done this before can they point it out to the resident idiot in a way Ill be able to follow easily
  12. cooperman435

    Limitation for Zone Shipping Table's Data

    OK got that far and have managed to get hold of my "web guy" He asks: Could you please explain exactly what entry needs to be changed please. What database entry are these values under? ?
  13. cooperman435

    Limitation for Zone Shipping Table's Data

    Where will I find the database though? Sorry but Im not the usual guy who does this side of the shop.
  14. cooperman435

    Limitation for Zone Shipping Table's Data

    Please could someone give me a little more details as to the changes n where they need to be made please? I assume there will be a 255 in the file that needs to be changed to my desired value but whereabouts is that illusive 255 and in which file?