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  1. BA172

    [contribution] CSS Assistant

    I was asking for help updating this contrib to have a similar integration as the other one I listed. ;) Thanks so much, I spent about 4 hours trying to do this last night with no success. I learned a bit in the process so it wasn't a total bust. :D Thanks again!
  2. BA172

    [contribution] CSS Assistant

    I've edited my admin panel "tools box" to include a link directly to this contrib. Thanks to my installing this contrib: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4859 I was able to figure that much out. My question is this, that contrib above installs so that it actually appears in the admin panel with all the other "frames/windows" (I don't know the proper terminology) around it. It basically integrates itself directly into the admin panel so when clicked on it just opens in the right half of the screen with the left column and header/footer still showing. I am new to php and have been scouring the net for literally 2 days straight, buying books and doing the online tutorials at W3 schools trying to learn. I spent several hours this evening trying to figure out how to integrate this myself with no luck. I did learn a lot and managed to figure out some errors I was making, but when it was all said and done I ran into some errors I couldn't figure out - so I reloaded the original version back onto the site and will stick with that for now. I was just hoping that if this is easy someone might be able to help me out, or possibly setup a new release of the contrib with the directions to do this. Any help is appreciated. ;)