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  1. sarasotaguy

    cURL set up question

    I still can't get connectivity to authorize.net, so I hope you do and this helps solve my problem. I'll be interested in knowing what happens, and if I use a different host, would it change anything. Sarasota guy
  2. sarasotaguy

    Really need help getting Autorize.net working

    Hi Scott, I deleted my older version of authorize.net's aim module, and was able to get both the money order/check and credit card modules to show on my site under test. The check module works and sends me an email when I test with it. The credit card module is not working, and doesn't send me any type of email. I've worked with authorize.net and they tried setting my site to live, changing the transaction number, etc, and even doing a transaction from there, but it didn't get through to them. In either test or live mode, when I input either the test cc acct numbers or my own real one, I get a message in a red bar stating: "-your credit card could not be authorized for this reason (but it doesn't give me a reason anywhere). Please correct any information and try again or contact us for further assistance." I went into the php code with authorize.net to see if the curl was set properly; it was for the live setting, but not for the test setting, which authorize.net said really should be set the same as the live setting, even while testing. I corrected it, but it still doesn't change anything. I have asked authorize.net developer support to respond back, but haven't heard from them yet. Do you have any suggestions why my testing isn't working? Also, when I input the discover 6011 or the decline 4222 cc numbers, I get a message that the first 4 digits of these cards are not accepted for that type of credit card. Thanks, Mike sarasota guy
  3. sarasotaguy

    Really need help getting Autorize.net working

    Hi gcupat, I am also having the same problems as you are. The only difference is that I haven't been able to figure out where to get the MD5 info to put into os commerce; also, I have my zone set to the zone that authorize.net required, and I think my curl doesn't have local in it. Still, it doesn't work. I have it enabled, but it's just not seeing it, because I also take checks, and that's the only choice it comes up with. I also copied the authorize.net aim file from the includes area to the ext payment module, but that also isn't helping. There were about 4 others payment modules there, so I thought it just needed adding to activate it. Authorize . net is no help. I would also appreciate any suggestions....... sarasotaguy