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  1. and every mail sent, newsletter, tell a friend...they are all broken.
  2. Hello, i have a problem. This is the way the mail is recived: FANIT to me show details 21:49 (3 minutes ago) Reply --=_90cb4d49facc2d372f818986986d7931 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-2" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Dear xxx,Thank you for shopping with us today.Please find below the details of your order. Order Number: 9 Detailed Invoice: Date Ordered: 10 September, 2008 Contents of the order ProductModelPrice (Inc. VAT)Qty.Total (Inc. VAT) KINETIX LCDTV, 26", 700:1,500c, 8ms, WXGAKTLCDTV261,517.25RON11,517.25RONSub-Total: 1,517.25RONTVA: 242.25RONTotal: 1,517.25RONPayment Method: Plata la livrareDelivery AddressBilling AddressFlorin Stanagigelbucuresti, 021678B, RomaniaFlorin Stanagigelbucuresti, 021678B, Romania --=_90cb4d49facc2d372f818986986d7931 Content-Type: text/html; charset="iso-8859-2" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Dear Florin S= tana, Thank you for shopping with us today. Please find bel= ow the details of your order. = = Order Number: 9 <= td><= strong>Detailed Invoice: http://www.fanmegastor= = Date Ordered: 10 September, 2008= Contents of the order Product= ModelPrice (Inc. VAT)= Qty.Total (Inc. VAT) KINETIX LCDTV, 26", 700:1,500c, 8ms, WXGAKTLCDTV261= ,517.25RON11,517.25RON Sub-To= tal: 1,517.25RON TVA: 242.25RON= Total: 1,517.25RON Payment Method: Plata la livrare Delivery AddressBilling Address xxxx gigel bucuresti, 021678 B, xxxxxx gigel bucuresti, 021678 B, Romania= --=_90cb4d49facc2d372f818986986d7931-- can you help me?
  3. It works now, thakns. I have another problem. In the admin panel > Header Tags SEO > Page control, i select the product_info.php page, and change the settings so that it shows me in the title the products name. This thing works, and shows me the correct name of the products that were already added before i installed your add-on. But now when i add a new product, in the title bar it shows me: _?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?_ _!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XH. Any ideea?
  4. Hello, i have a problem. I`ve installed both the catalog and admin, but in de admin>header tags seo>page control, whaen o select a page (eg: index.php) it gives me this: 1054 - Unknown column 'append_product' in 'field list' select page_title, page_description, page_keywords, page_logo, append_default_title as opt_0, append_default_description as opt_1, append_default_keywords as opt_2, append_default_logo as opt_3, append_category as opt_4, append_manufacturer as opt_5, append_product as opt_6, append_root as opt_7, sortorder_title as opt_8, sortorder_description as opt_9, sortorder_keywords as opt_10, sortorder_logo as opt_11, sortorder_category as opt_12, sortorder_manufacturer as opt_13, sortorder_product as opt_14, sortorder_root as opt_15 from headertags where page_name like 'specials.php' and language_id = '4' LIMIT 1 [TEP STOP] can someone help me?