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  1. netley

    The Feedmachine Solution

    I have searched every page of this thread and the issue of excluding diabled categories has come up a couple of times both with unsatisfactory answers and no solution, other than write a custom function. Well i know i need to use a custom function but i am struggling to write that function. I am using 'Enable & Disable Categories - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/326' and ask if anybody has a function to exclude categories or can help in writing the function i would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks,
  2. Hi, Has anybody manged to stream a pdf into any email other than the Confirmation Email. I have tried unsuccessfully for the past week to stream a pdf into the Order Status Email... or another option Has anybody managed to attach a pdf created by this addon to an email, using the 'add_attachment' method. Again for the past week i have been trying this method as well. If i manage to attach a pdf, it is not decoded properly... Any idea's, code snippets, full blown addons will be greatly received. Failing that the number of a good Doctor, cause this driving me MAD!!!!
  3. Hi, I do like this addon and am trying it in my site. I am using it within my header, so it is displayed on every page. The one thing i don't like is the way it only displays products within the category you are viewing, to the point of viewing product info and the scroller is only displaying that product. What i would like the scroller to do is either; 1) Display a random selection of all products on all pages. If the above is not possible, how about the following option. 2) Display a static image if the scroller is only displaying one product (along the lines of the FIMBLE addon) I have had a play around with the scroller code to acheive either of the above, with little success. Thanks,