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  1. Hi, I have installed, and everything seems ok. But when i apply changes for a customer group (ie: -20%), the price doesn't change, only the number of desimals. No error messages returns. I'm not where to start to locate the problem. any ideas? So far I have only checked that I have installed correctly, and that the formula in quick_updates.php is correct. And that i have SPPC v4.21a This is where my knowledge ends.
  2. It seems like the problem was with my database update. I did a manual update on my sql server, and put the code back into checkout_process.php, and everything is ok :) thank you for making this software :)
  3. 'shipping_module' => $shipping['id'], Hi, great work!! I was wondering what the function of "'shipping_module' => $shipping['id']," in the checkout_process.php is? It doesn't work properly unless i remove that code. I'm using flat rate shipping costs, so I'm thinking that is the problem. It seems like everything works perfect without the code, but I'm worried if it there's a problem, but I don't see it?