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    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi Jan I wonder if there's the latest updated version of New Installation Package for OS Commerce with your most popular contributions: 1. Seperate Pricing Per Category 2. Quantity Price Break 3. PriceFormatter_1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8 (a nice format) 4. Hide Price if $0 5. Hide Products and Categories from customer groups for SPPC 6. Account create in admin 7. Customer Info box for SPPC 8. Optimize Categories Box 9. Loyalty discounts for SPPC 10. Printer Friendly Product Info Page for SPPC 11. Quick updates for SPPC 12. Specials by Category for SPPC 13. others Or otherwise, is it possible to find out the correct sequence for installations and upgrades of the above? BTW, which versions are the the most updated or the paths to the above contributions? As a matter of fact, I started using your contributions 3 years ago. They all worked perfectly well until last month when I moved servers. After I moved the original files to the new server, they don't work anymore. So I have to start from scratch again and tried to re-install the latest version of OSCommerce. The files come with a new version of products and attributes. But when I finished the above first 4th and 5th upgrades, the shopping cart display an incorrect sum. My shopping cart contains: 2 items of product without attributes (e.g. 300) 1 item ($500) with attributes (together with an extra cost of $100) However, the total sum of the shopping cart is incorrectly displaying $1100 instead of $900. (both on the shopping cart total and the shopping cart box) When I go through the payment and confirmation procedure, the amount requiring me to pay is $900. (It's okay) If I replaced the shopping cart class with the shopping cart come from your zip files, the sum return to normal without a mistake. However, when I click "buy now" on the "product_info page", the page carry me to a blank page, and no product is put into the shopping cart. My temporary mall is setup at http://webclasshk.homeip.net/mall What files should I prepare for you to download for inspection? Thanks in advance James
  2. webclass.hk

    Phpmailer For Oscommerce

    Solved thanks
  3. webclass.hk

    Phpmailer For Oscommerce

    Hello I wonder how the problem was solved. I followed everything as described by you in your previous post. My oscommerce is running on a Windows Vista installed with the EasyPHP. On the same system, I installed the moodle 1.9 It worked perfectly well without much configuration. On moodle, there's the admin page to configure the SMTP setting. Email sent out perfectly well with no troubles. Then I run everything well with the OSCommerce except the email part. From "Contact Me" page, email won't sent. From admin side, The "Send Email" page also don't send out any email, even there's the green message "Notice: Email sent to ...." I wonder if it is related to something regarding the Apache or the php.ini of the system. Does the Apache extension do anything related? My email is james@webclass.hk. Looking forward to your reply. Many thanks. James