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  1. Great addon, but am I missing something?  In the latest version, the instructions say you can go to admin->configuration->database optimizer, but that entry does not seem to be there.  I have read over the install instructions again and I can't find where that entry was coded.  I had very little sleep last night, so I might just be being stupid though :)



  2. I have installed this contribution and created my email template. Under Bulk-mail, I can preview it and send myself the test email and it works perfectly, but once I set the rate of 12 seconds between emails and set it running, sending out to all my newsletter recipiants, it instantly says that the mail is sent, but nobody receives the emails.


    Does anyone know the writer of this contribution or has anyone had the same issue that can help?




  3. I am having a problem with this contribution. Where can I set the timezone? I am in New Zealand, but our site is hosted in the US. I made a page for the happy hours offers to show rather than in the info box. I have put:



    date_default_timezone_set( 'Pacific/Auckland' );


    on that page, and the deals show at the right times on that page using our local time, but when I add to cart, or click on the product page, (product_info.php) the special price does not show, because the time in the US is 12 hours behind ours. If I set the specials times to 12 hours out then they add to cart with the right price, but then they are out on my new page, because it is 12 hours ahead!


    Please help and let me know where it gets the date from, so I can pop in my time zone.




  4. Hi there,


    I installed the coupon module several years ago, tested it and it worked fine, but I have not used it for some time. I just tried to use it again and when I enter the coupon code in the checkout and click next I get a blank white page with:


    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: discount_coupon in /home/tpage2/public_html/catalog/checkout_confirmation.php on line 73


    Any ideas on what this could be?