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    HSBC XML API Support Thread

    Hi, What is the difference between this module and the HSBC CPI module. I mean understand that this uses the HSBC XML API service, but if I sign up with HSBC epayments, can I choose which service I want. To clarify, I have a client who wants to use HSBC secure epayments, but I'm unclear right now if that still leaves me with the choice of CPI or XML API CPI looks like a nightmare by all accounts, so I would prefer to use this approach if I can. Any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks Subd
  2. subdian

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi, I have a client who would like to use HSBC. I'm a long time user of OSC, and have integrated payment modules before, but I've never seen anything as daunting as this... In searching about a bit I've notice mention of another, less mature module for integrating with the HSBC XML API , rather than the CPI version. By the sounds of things this is easier to work with. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ns,5585/page,13 Does anybody on this board have any experience with the HSBC API approach? What are the advantages/disadvantages? One advantage I can see for sure is not have to get the .so file installed by host. But is it really easier? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Subd