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    IP trap Version 3 released

    I installed IP Trap 4 today (previously had 2.1 installed). But I found the whitelist doesn't work. I added my IP to it and I still get banned. I searched through this forum for a solution and found that someone said if you add your IP to the top of the list it'll work. I tried that and it didn't. Besides you should be able to add it anywhere, this shows that IP trap is not searching through the whole list, too. I upgraded to v4 for the whitelist option. I have McAfee Secure on my site http://www.foryoursalon.com/ and they scan the whole site everyday. I'm getting banned emails for their ip's, isn't really affecting McAfee's scan that I can see but wanted to add their ip's to the whitelist. Any help would be appreciated. :-) - Ken
  2. NolaMan

    All Customers Report

    Thanks Jack for the quick reply! Yeah, after I posted I checked back in the thread and found that someone else had the same problem posted a few months ago. Anyway, I appreciate your work on the contribution. Ultimately, I know I can always download the csv and then sort it in Excel. I appreciate when you get a chance to look into it.... BTW...I have used many of your great contributions (I know...shameless flattery). Thanks!
  3. NolaMan

    All Customers Report

    I've installed version All Customers Report V 2_1d by Jack_mcs. Everything works fine except for sorting. Each time I submit the query and the report shows up I then try to sort a column and it goes back to the start page where you have to submit query button again, but it never sorts. I think I installed everything right. Does anyone else have this problem? Otherwise the contribution works great. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Hi, Setup an account last week, added the Askcost Verify Code and setup and uploaded our feed (we use oscommerce and used your contribution listed http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6701). Your site says "It may take up to 24 hours for your listings to return to the AskCost system..." It's been well over 24 hours. When can we expect to have our products listed? Our store profile page: http://www.askcost.com/ForYourSalon.com-s_info-416--pgid-1.html Thanks!
  5. 10,000 products would be WAY too much! Just think how long it would take the feed to load, besides no one is going to go through a feed with 10,000 products in it. Think of an RSS feed as "The Latest News" about what's on your site. I our case the News relates to the latest products added. The way this RSS feed contribution is set up is to show the latest Products added, on Index page it will show the latest (XX amount) products added (All), then in each catagory and manufaturers page it will show the latest (XX amount) products added for each category or manufacturers page. All based on what amount you set in admin. Starting with 20 or 30 is the right move, especially if you add new products often. Take a look around other popular ecommerce sites with feeds and see what number they display. Usually between 20- 50 items per feed is normal. I wouldn't go above 50. The only exception would be for a Specials feed or Featured products feed (which I am working on) since you want to show all those items "on Special" or "featured" and no be limited to what you set in admin. -Nolaman
  6. Just added..... Contribution found here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1513 RSS Feed v2.2a - Add Manufacturer, Model #, Price + More to Feed See it in action here: http://www.foryoursalon.com/rss.php?language=en Catalog RSS Feed http://www.foryoursalon.com website This is an update for RSS Feed v2.2 by faaliyet (23- Mar- 2009). You must download and install RSS Feed v2.2 first. This is not full package. Only contains manual install Instructions and rss.php file. v2.2a Changes: -------------------------- -Added Manufacturer, Model # and Price to feed items (you can use all, or comment out the ones you don't want). - Based on how Newegg.com feeds look. - Price will display either regular price or special price (if it is on special). - Currently all is hard-coded in rss.php file so no external "defines". You can change that if you want but I felt unnecessary at this time . - Also, Prices: Sorry, since my my store is only in dollars I have not included code for multi-currency stores. (hard-coded) -Added Screenshot to see what it will look like. -Added <copyright> </copyright> channel element (to of course display your copyright info). -Added <width> </width><height></height> channel elements so as to make the store logo a clickable link to website -Updated: Commented out <atom:link href....... rel="self"> tag because it was (again causing problems with the rss feed renderings in IE and Firefox [at least for me]). Included in install file is an explaination and possible temporary fix. But, this is not really needed (do a Google search on "Missing atom:link with rel="self" and see what I mean. http://beta.feedvalidator.org/ Feed Validator only suggests as "Recommendation" and removal doesn't invalidate feed anyway. This tag was working for me a few months ago, but not anymore maybe related to php upgrade to PHP version 5.2.9 on my server - YMMV. Issues Un-Resolved (since v2.2): --------------------------------------- - atom:link href as listed above. - still a problem with and ereg tags in the descriptions - Top Category feeds not displaying when Top category has sub-categories (sub-categories show fine). Example: Category 1 ===> displays fine Category 2 ===> DOESN'T DISPLAY L Sub-Category 1 ===> displays fine L Sub-Category 2 ===> displays fine Category 3 ===> displays fine NOTE: Not full package, replacement rss.php included to use if you haven't already modified the original. ALSO: Finnished working on RSS feed for Specials and Featured Products (I'll upload soon) Thanx to faaliyet for all his work on this contribution!
  7. Hi, I installed faaliyet's RSS Feed v2.2 on my site a few months ago and everything worked fine. But I noticed today that the RSS for individual categories no longer works (in Firefox 3 or IE 7...but does work in Safari 4). The main Catalog RSS still works fine (with all browsers). With the categories rss it shows the title and description, but no logo, or any products. When I do a view source it shows the code is there. I did a validation for the feed at beta.feedvalidator.org and got the following error: line 12, column 68: XML parsing error: <unknown>:12:68: not well-formed (invalid token) [help] <atom:link href="http://www.foryoursalon.com/rss.php?language=&cPath=25" rel ... ^ Also in IE 7 I get: More information A semi colon character was expected. Line: 12 Character: 69 <atom:link href="http://www.foryoursalon.com/rss.php?language=&cPath=25" rel="self" type="application/rss+xml" /> I've check all over the code in rss.php to find a missing ; but cannot find it. Also, checked the forum at applied the fix for (invalid token) but that didn't work. As I said, all worked a few months ago, but not now. I'm running PHP version 5.2.9. Here is my site: http://www.foryoursalon.com/ Also, I f I could get some help adding prices to the feed, again folowed what was on the forum, but did not work. Since there is buy now graphic link in the feed it doesn't make sense without a price. Please help! Thanks! - Ken
  8. NolaMan

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi: I added your ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 (Revision 76) contribution on my site and it works great on it's own. But I found that it does not play nice with the following contributions: Header Tags SEO V 3.1.4 and Google XML Sitemap SEO (both jack_mcs releases). Here is what I found, with : ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 -> the Google XML Sitemap SEO does not produce the new seo urls instead sticking with the old product_info.php?products_id=XX format. Even tried both the rewrite (mysite.com/great-product-p-3.html) or the standard (mysite.com/product_info.php/great-product-p-3) formats. I even tried the sitemap.class_Alternate file for Google XML Sitemap SEO but broke the sitemaps. with: ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 rewrite setting -> the Header Tags SEO (V 3.1.4) contribution will make the meta tags. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 standard setting -> the Header Tags SEO (V 3.1.4) contribution will not make the meta tags. Even tried clearing my browser's cache, closing a re-opening, but nothing worked. I wanted to let you know about this because both of the other contributions (by Jack_mcs) are very popular. And I really like this contribution because it is especially written for php 5 (I'm running PHP version 5.2.9), and was recommended by Pektsekye over the older Ultimate SEO URLs contribution.... so I would like to keep it. So...any suggestions/help would be appreciated. BTW... I also posted a similar post to jack_mcs in the Google xml sitemap forum to let him know too. ( http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=330175 ) Thanks! Sincerely, Ken
  9. NolaMan

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks Jack! Actually there is a problem that I thought I'd let you know about. As I said in the previous post I added the Google XML Sitemap SEO to my site and it works great (and by the way thanks for the info on doing exclusions). But just wanted you to know about something.... I also, just installed the ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 (Revision 76)- by FWR Media contribution ( http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6768 ) and there are some issues with it and this contribution and also your Header Tags SEO (V 3.1.4) contribution that I wanted you to be aware of. At first I was going to use the old Ultimate SEO URLs contribution but I'm running PHP version 5.2.9 and the advise form Pektsekye in that contribution suggested: "If you start a new store on PHP5 I suggest you to use ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6768)" so I tried it, and it works great in producing seo urls. But it doesn't play nice with your (stated above) contributions. I found that with: ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 -> the Google XML Sitemap SEO does not produce the new seo urls instead sticking with the old product_info.php?products_id=XX format. Even tried both the rewrite (mysite.com/great-product-p-3.html) or the standard (mysite.com/product_info.php/great-product-p-3) formats. I even tried your sitemap.class_Alternate for G xml sitemap but it broke the sitemaps. with: ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 rewrite setting -> your Header Tags SEO (V 3.1.4) contribution will make the meta tags. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 standard setting -> your Header Tags SEO (V 3.1.4) contribution will not make the meta tags. I know that the ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 is a new contribution, but just thought I'd like to let you know about it. I'm going to turn off the ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 contribution for now because your Header Tags and Google xml sitemap contributions are far more valuable to me right now. Hopefully in the near future they can be made to work together. I am also going to post in the ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 forum to let them know about this as well (http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=336702). Just letting you know about this. (but any help or suggestion couldn't hurt). Thanks again! Sincerely, Ken
  10. NolaMan

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, Great contribution! (AS ALL yours are). I installed v1.2 today (previously had v1.1), everything works great! Just 2 questions.... In admin->Configuration->Google XML SEO there is the option to exclude pages (files) from indexing. Do you enter them separated with a comma (this.php, file.php, other.php...)? Also, can you include files with parameters such as ie: information.php?info_id=2 ? I like the fact that you have now included a site map for the standard pages, but I have a lot that I don't need or want indexed. It would be nice in the next version to possibly have a page on it's own for exclusion of pages, sort of like you have with Pages Group Control in your Sitemap SEO contribution (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6459. I use many of your contributions and they are always easy to install and understand, you do a fantastic job, and I just wanted to thank you. BTW...nice website : http://www.oscommerce-solution.com/ Sincerely, Ken
  11. NolaMan

    Country-State Selector

    I have the Limit Countries 2.x (2.1) implemented with the Country-State Selector v1.5.5 (AJAX) contribution and it works except for the fact that the "active status" does not show on the Admin>Countries page (countries.php). The header is there, but none of the values ie: 0 or 1 does not show (the values are there in the database). When I view source code for the page it shows some thing like: <td class="dataTableContent">Afghanistan</td> <td class="dataTableContent" align="center" width="40">AF</td> <td class="dataTableContent" align="center" width="40">AFG</td> <td class="dataTableContent" align="center" width="40"></td> <= no value for status Somehow the info for that is not being called from the database, even though it is there. Also, I can add, edit, delete etc using the dropdown, but the result does not show (side bar thing). Any help would be appreciated. My server is using: PHP version 5.2.9 MySQL version 5.1.30 Thanks! - Ken
  12. NolaMan

    osC reCaptcha

    Anyone know if this will work (or have it working) with the Super Contact us enhancement contribution? I have that installed on my site and the contact form is using a dropdown option to send the email to either of 2 different email addresses (ie: Support or Sales). Will recaptcha work if a form has 2 or more email possibilities? Thanks! - Ken
  13. NolaMan

    PDF Catalog v.1.5

    Help! I've been pulling my hairout for the past 3 days (and nights) trying to figure this out. Seems many other people have these problems too! Hi Gregor! (or anyone else that can help me for that matter), I know it's been a while since you posted but you seem to be "DA MAN" when it comes to the problems I have with this mod. To start: Here's my website (keep in mind it is a work in progress) : My Website Direct Link to PDF download page I currently have 3 problems which I am trying to fix (everything else works fine): 1. )I cannot get a pdf (report, displayed) when someone visits my site and chooses to download specific categories with the "One file per category " option (radio) button checked. If someone checks the "One file for all" then everything works fine. (Just a note that I have no problems with creating "master" pdf's in the admin) I originally installed the 3 Jun 2008, version: PDF Catalog for osc 2.0.8 mod (for-going the latest which seems to have more problems) but have looked into earlier mod versions to fix this and other problems to no avail. I currently have PHP version 5.2.6 and MySQL version 5.0.51a-community installed on my server. I did install the mysql5 fix and made edits according to your following posts: On Page 20 - Post #386, Post #388, Post #390, Post #391, Post #396, Post #399, Post #400 and - Post #397 (question if server with php/msql 4 or 5?) And also looked throughout the site for a fix..... ..but I STILL have the same problem (as listed above). Can your wizardry help me? I can provide you with more info and my scripts if you need. One note: when I pick the catagories (each) to print separately. Files produced in /catalogues look like this: "categories_1_1.pdf" but when I hover over the links on the final download page (pdf_download_katalog.php), the hyperlink says something like "categories_1 Hardware.pdf" (which the file name I actually like better), but as you can see there is a mismatch. 2.) The "PDF Introduction" in admin doesn't work. No matter what I enter, it does not show up on the page, even though when I go back the text I want to enter shows up in the area box under admin. Looking at forum posts, other people have this problems as well. Have changed the chmod's accordingly. 3.)For some reason, when my pdf file is created (in any option/mode/admin), my pics show up above (and Left of) each description box. I want the pic to show up essentially next to (tops of each parallel to) each description box (ie: pic - left, descript box directly right). Run a download my master pdf to see what I am talking about. Looking and the posts and websites here it looks to me that in the very early mods this shows up how it should, but somewhere in the later mods it's changed. Where can I edit it to fix? No other problems to speak of...admin generate pages works fine, etc...(except as mentioned for "PDF Introduction". I appreciate your help in advance. Cheers! :) - Ken (a.k.a. NolaMan) BTW: This goes out to ANYONE who can help. Much appreciated.